Tips for Shooting Your AR15 with Iron Sights

AR15 Iron Sights

Because of the several enhancements done to ACOG, red dot, and scope sights, some people think that iron sights are not good. This is not true, and we can assure you that. The iron sights have improved a lot in many ways. Home defenders and the police are the most common users of iron sights for their AR15. Some deer hunters are also using it to make sure they hit their target.

The problem why you are not hitting your target is not due to your iron sights but because you are not using your AR15 properly. So in this guide, we have provided some tips on how to shoot an AR15 with iron sights and become a better shooter.

How to Shoot An AR15 with Iron Sights


Our purpose in writing this guide is to help you shoot using your AR15 rifle efficiently. You need to apply some techniques to help you accurately aim at your target and shoot without missing. Let’s discuss them one by one below:

AR15 Firing Position
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Proper Holding of your Rifle

When firing your AR15, you can assume one of the four different positions. But, when it comes to holding and gripping your rifle, it remains the same. In positioning, place your firing hand high on the rifle grip, position your thumb and wrap around on top of the three fingers on the grip. This will assure a better grip on your rifle and prevent you from making unnecessary movements, particularly your trigger finger.

Use your non-firing hand to wrap around the handguard. Curl your fingers naturally on the fore-end. Make sure not to hold it tightly.

Position the butt of your AR15 rifle against your body and put the stock on your shoulder pocket. You will increase your accuracy and allows faster recovery. Straighten your shooting arm and out if you are not sure where your shoulder pocket is. Locate your collarbone’s high point front part using your other hand. Slide your hand outwards, directing to your shoulder around the collarbone.

You will know you have located your shoulder pocket once your fingers slip down and inward. Position the heel of your AR15 there. Put your check over the stock’s comb.

Choose the Appropriate Firing Positions

In firing your AR15 rifle, you have to decide which position to assume – standing, sitting, prone, or kneeling. The standing position is suggested if you want better mobility when firing. If you need to maintain a lower profile, the sitting and kneeling positions are your best option. But for best stability at the lowest point, do the prone position.

For better accuracy, choose the position that is appropriate for your situation. If you will use your AR15 for hunting, then the standing position is the right option. Keep in mind people have different body types, so what is comfortable to you may cause discomfort to others. Make some adjustments until you find a comfortable shooting position.

Using the Iron Sights

Since your AR15 rifle has iron sights, you need to learn how to use them. The iron sights will serve as your primary sighting system. It is also available in various forms. Those who are just starting to know how to use the iron sight begin with the standard front sight block and the basic fixed rear sight. The front sight has two ears with an adjustable post.

The rear sight has two apertures – the small and large aperture. Once you have positioned yourself, your grip, cheek weld, and stance, you can zero in your sights. Start by looking at the rear aperture and center the top part of the front sight post on your target. You have to look at the aperture center as you keep the point of impact at the center of the rifles sight.

Proper Mindset

Shooting an AR15 is not only proper positioning and aiming at your target. It is an activity that requires you to be mentally healthy. Remember, AR15 can produce a loud sound that might affect how you think. Because of these sounds, sometimes you fail to focus on your target. Thus, you need to develop the proper mindset where you only need a single shot. Through this, you will be more aware of your grip, stance, aim, and other factors.


Proper Way to Pull the Trigger Touch


Your marksmanship can be affected by the way you pull the trigger. If you think pulling the trigger is the easiest part of the shooting process, you are wrong. And most rifle owners tend to overlook it.


If you are not aware of this, you need to start focusing on it. There is a correct way of pulling the trigger. The general rule is to secure the correct grip and use only your trigger finger to pull it. If you move your other fingers and your body, you might lose your set position for your sights.


After squeezing the trigger, anticipating the recoil and report is not the best way to do it. You have to remain in a firm grip while firing and maintain your position. Use your finger’s pad in pulling the trigger, particularly if it is in the center position. Make sure not to jerk the trigger fast to the rear. Do it slowly and take your time.


Final Thoughts


Shooting your AR15 with iron sights is not as easy as pulling the trigger. You have to be very careful and be focused. It requires patience, determination, and proper attitude to learn how to shoot an AR15 with iron sights and hit your target. The above tips can help you improve your shooting skills. You will become a better shooter in no time. But you have to keep in mind it is not just placing your fingers on the trigger. You need to have the proper mindset, the correct position, and attitude.

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