Best Practices for Hunting from a Ground Blind

Treestands are an integral part of bowhunting, but sometimes they’re just too much of a pain. They’re uncomfortable, somewhat dangerous, and take quite a bit of time to erect. An alternative option is the ground blind, which is much easier to deploy and great if you’ve already had a lengthy hike or just don’t want … Read more

Best Practices for Using Electronic Game Calls

Electronic game calls, unlike their manual counterparts don’t require any particular skill to make the right sound – they’re preprogrammed to create the same noise each time. However, that doesn’t mean that they take no skill to use. Instead of focusing on making the right sound, you need to figure out how to combine and … Read more

When and Why You Should Use a Deer Feeder

While deer feeders are legal in a number of states, many hunters are surprisingly unaware of when and why they would want to use one. For many, feeders and baiting seem against the sporting spirit of hunting. However, the concept behind a feeder isn’t all that different from simply knowing where natural food sources are … Read more

The Best Practices for Getting the Most Out of Your Deer Feeder

Through your binoculars you see a huge ten-point buck. Your heart starts to pound, you carefully stow away your optics, slowly shoulder your rifle and take aim at your unwitting prey, carefully centering your crosshairs over the animal’s chest to take the shot. Later, as you’re field dressing the deer, you start to question whether … Read more

How to Replace Your Hunting Bowstring

One of the most basic maintenance skills you can learn as a bowhunter is how to replace your own bowstring. Not needing to go to your local bow technician to have it restrung can save you some money and learning how to do it yourself will help you to become familiar with how your hunting … Read more

7 Care Tips to Make your Hunting Bow Last Longer

Whether you have a cheap hunting bow from a big box store or the latest and greatest model, you want it to last a long time. Like any piece of outdoor equipment, it’s an investment that pays dividends through beautiful days spent in the wilderness. While the bows themselves are expensive, with just a few … Read more

How to Use a Spotting Scope for Hunting

You’d think using a spotting scope would be simple, right? Just look through the lens and see the animals – no different than with a rifle scope. While the general premise behind spotting scopes is familiar, using one for the first time can be a bit of a challenge. You’ll be seeing your surroundings through … Read more

The Reasons Why You Need to Use a Spotting Scope When Hunting

Spotting scopes are probably one of the most underutilized pieces of hunting equipment. Many people are intimidated by their size and expense, wondering if it’s just an overpriced gadget they don’t really need. Nothing could be further from the truth though, as a good spotting scope, in the hands of someone who knows how to … Read more

Top Tips for Packing Your Hunting Pack

What goes in your hunting pack will largely be determined by two factors: the weather and the length of your hunting trip. If it’s a day hunt during bow season or early rifle, there’s a good chance you won’t need much more than the clothes on your back, a snack, a knife and some optics. … Read more

How to Sharpen Your Hunting Knife

A dull knife is a dangerous knife. While you might think a sharp hunting knife is more likely to cut you, you’d be wrong. A dull knife requires more pressure to operate, which means a greater change of slippage and nasty accidents. Your knife should be sharp as you can keep it for every hunting … Read more