How to Stay Safe While Solo Hiking

stay safe and well while hiking alone

Hiking in the outdoors in one of the few activities where there is no shortage. There are countless mountains to conquer, waterfalls to see, campfires to have good conversations around, and views to take in. It’s a chance to see what a big world you live in and truly slow down from all the pressures … Read more

10 Essentials to Keep you Safe and Well Whilst Hiking

10 essentials for safe hiking

Hiking has a tendency to bring friends closer, expand your outlook on life, and challenge you in fun and unique ways. There are hikes for novices and hikes for the more advanced. There are day hikes and then there are multi-month backpacking trips. Whatever your level or desire of adventure, hiking has a way of providing … Read more

The Best Sun Protection for Hikers

Best sun protection for hiking

It has happened to everyone at least once in their life: the dreaded sunburn. You told yourself that you did not need sunscreen but now you are suffering the repercussions. The peeling skin, the sleepless nights, and the friend that accidentally hits your shoulders has finally got the best of you. Being a hiker, the … Read more

Protecting your Eyes From the Sun – a Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Hikers

what are the best sun glasses for hikers

It does not take much to realize the importance of wearing sunglasses. For example, if you are driving in a car and sun is right behind the traffic light, if you are at a sports game and cannot see well, or if you are hiking in nature. Sunglasses are commonly forgotten when hiking, but are … Read more

Braving the Weather – How to Pack for all Types of Weather

pack for all types of weather

Think back to when you were a kid and your mom would urge you to wear a rain jacket while you ride your bike around the block. Despite your protests, you took the jacket. 20 minutes later you are thankful for your mom’s request because you are dry and the other kids on the block … Read more

How to Never Get Lost During a Hike – The How to of Using a Compass

tips for using a compass

It is not a common occurrence to use a map and compass when hiking. Normally, you will be hiking a popular trail that has been groomed and it will be fairly hard to get lost. Other times, you will still be in service so that you can use Google Maps on your phone. However, for … Read more

Hiking in the Dark – a Guide to Buying a Flashlight or Headlamp

Headlamp vs flashlight

Whether you have decided to hike in the dark or are trying to set up camp in the dark, a light is always necessary. If you have ever tried to function at a campsite without a light, you will be nodding your head in agreement at the importance of needing a light. Some people prefer to … Read more

Preventing Injuries on a Hike – a Guide to Buying a First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Hikers

A good first aid kit for hikers is that one item that you often overlook when packing for a shorter hike. Much like wearing a seatbelt, it goes unnoticed until something goes wrong, at which it becomes a necessity. Especially in remote locations where there few fellow hikers and phone signal is low, throwing a … Read more

Starting a Fire in Nature – a Guide to the Best Equipment for Fire Starting

Best Fire Starting Equipment

The campfire, a key highlights to every nature lover’s journey. Every hiker enjoys sitting around a campfire after a long day, cooking their food, and ending the night with looking at the stars. It’s the centerpiece of outdoors and the source of great laughs and conversation, as well as keep you warm in the outdoors. … Read more

Staying Warm and Safe When Winter Hiking – a Guide for the Worst Scenarios

Staying Safe While Winter Hiking

Winter has come and you are not wanting to slow down on your hiking adventures. Most people normally stop when snow comes, but you are not most people. You want to face the snow and keep seeing the beautiful sites that hiking can provide. Winter hiking can be some of the most enjoyable hiking around; there … Read more