Best Hat for Desert Hiking

There is more to a desert other than dry with unending mirages like we are made to believe in school. Personally, I know that most of the hiking people around me do, have done or are planning to do revolved around hills, mountainous areas or even forest trails. But desert hiking is a thing and … Read more

Best Activity Tracker for Hiking

​With the current technological advancements, as a hiker, you have an opportunity to keep track your activity while on the trail as well as the altitude and location. All you need as a hiker is to get a quality activity tracker and you can use the GPS for your location needs, use it to know … Read more

Best Hiking Boots for Achilles Tendonitis

One of the worst injuries to have as a hiker is Achilles tendinitis. This is an injury to the tendon that connects muscle on the calf to the heel bone. This is an injury that makes walking pretty difficult. As a hiker, you need a nice pair of boots that will prevent you from getting … Read more

Looking for the Best Approach Shoes for Hiking? Well We Found Them!

​Approach shoes have both the characteristics of rock-climbing shoes and hiking boots. Since their introduction, approach shoes have evolved over the years. Application of recent technology has enhanced their performance to shoes you can use not only when hiking but also when mountain climbing or trail running. A quality pair of approach shoes for hiking … Read more

Best Arc’teryx Jacket for Hiking

Hiking during winter or where the weather is harsh can be a real challenge. The cold can be very chilly especially is you do not have the right hiking attires on. Instead of hanging your hiking equipment when winter comes, get yourself a quality jacket that is breathable, long-lasting, windproof and waterproof, then you can … Read more

We Found the Best Two-Way Radio for Hiking, Check it Out

Having picked your favorite location to go on your hiking expedition, the next step is minding your own safety. A two-way radio, also known as a walkie- talkie, should top your list of safety measures. If you are hiking in a rural area where there is no cellphone nearby or radio frequency, a two-way radio will … Read more

We Tried, Tested and Found the Best Beanie for Hiking!

As winter approaches, one of the major concerns you might have is how to hike in the cold and still keep your head warm. Hiking is fun, relaxing, and healthy, but hiking in the cold is none of these things if you don’t prepare for it. To enjoy hiking in the cold, you will need … Read more