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Best Kayak Ratings and Reviews: An Updated Guide for Buyers in 2019!

Let's Paddle The amount of choices available when purchasing a kayak can make for a few difficult decisions, this is why it is important to limit your search to the best kayak brands. The brands we will look at on this list offer the best features in terms of performance, durability, usefulness and have the best kayak reviews. We will [...]

  • Top Soft Coolers for Kayaking

Best Soft Cooler for Kayaking

There is nothing more relaxing and relieving than spending your time outdoors, away in the water and knowing you can reach for a cool drink or snack anytime you wish [...]

  • we found the Best GPS Watch for Kayaking-

We Located the Best GPS Watch for Kayaking

What probably seemed unthinkable a decade ago is now possible; our movements can be tracked from outer space with something as small as a wristwatch.These technological advancements have been a [...]

  • Best Kayaking water bottle

Best Water Bottle for Kayaking

You’re packing up your kayak for a trip, and you’ve got your paddle, sunscreen, sprayskirt, dry bag, PFD, maybe even a paddle float. What a lot of people forget is [...]

  • Best Kayak Cart for Sand

Discover The Best Kayak Cart for Sand

And the Best Kayak Cart for Sand is....Malone Nomad Universal Kayak CartLightweight FrameNever go Flat Tyres150 Pound Load CapacityPerfect for use on SandBuy it Now!lorem ipsum dolorEnter the kayak cart: a [...]

  • Start Kayaking

So You Want to Start Kayaking?

You’re thinking about getting into kayaking, but aren’t sure what kind of investment it’s going to take. Am I in good enough shape? How much will it cost to start [...]

  • Set Up Your Kayak for Fishing

How to Set Up Your Kayak for Fishing

Probably the biggest difference between fishing from a kayak versus a motorized boat (or the shore) is how much space you have. On a kayak, everything needs to be meticulously [...]

  • Hardshell Kayak

Buying a Kayak: Hardshell vs. Inflatable

Close your eyes, and picture a kayak. You almost certainly imagined a hard-shell kayak, but even though that’s the most popular conception, it’s not the only option. Inflatable kayaks have [...]

  • What to wear kayaking

What Should you Wear Kayaking?

It might not seem like there’s much of a dress code for kayaking, but what you wear makes a difference, and should depend on the type of environment you’ll be [...]