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Best Kayaks by Type

There are lots of different kayaks on the market today so trying to figure out which one is best suited to your needs can be a challenge.

Below are links to our posts that guide you through this process of picking your perfect kayak, we have separated kayaks by type so if you know for example you want an inflatable kayak or a fishing kayak you can see the best ones of that category only

This is a selection of the best overall kayaks and is a good place to start your search if you are unsure of what type of kayak you need.

We have chosen a varied selection covering a range of kayak types that perform really well and are great value for money

inflatable kayak reviews

If you like to travel light or always want your kayak in your car for those unexpected paddling trips then an inflatable kayak would be perfect for you.

All you need to do is leave the kayak in you trunk, then when you reach your kayaking destination get it out, inflate and enjoy a nice paddle down a river, across a lake or in the open sea! 

recreational kayak reviews

If you don't want to take kayaking too seriously and just want one to play about in then a good recreational kayak would be a good choice.

They are fun and easy to use and great for all skill levels


tandem kayak reviews

A tandem kayak allow you to take a friend along kayaking, or a dog due to its ability to hold more weight

Lots of people prefer to use a tandem kayak instead of one each as you expend less energy paddling together

fishing kayak reviews

If you are looking for a kayak specifically for fishing then this selection of the best fishing kayaks is for you.

A fishing kayak needs to be stable and have ample room to hold all your fishing gear plus a place to hold your rods

beginner kayak reviews

New to kayaking? Our guide to the best beginner kayaks is for you.

We have listed the kayaks that are easy to paddle and track well, they offer great stability, you need this because falling in is no fun when your trying to learn to kayak!

sit on top kayak reviews

A sit on top kayak allows you to sit higher up on the water and gives you more freedom to move around.

It is the better choice for larger people who would feel constricted in a sit in kayak.

sea kayak reviews

If you want to paddle out in the sea you need a good kayak that is fit for this purpose

Sea kayaks are generally longer in length and offer great tracking and stability

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