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Best Kayak Ratings and Reviews: An Updated Guide for Buyers in 2018!

Let's Paddle The amount of choices available when purchasing a kayak can make for a few difficult decisions, this is why it is important to limit your search to the best kayak brands. The brands we will look at on this list offer the best features in terms of performance, durability, usefulness and have the best kayak reviews. We will [...]

  • Top Kayaks for Beginners

2018’s Best Beginner Kayak Reviews! The Definitive Guide!

Buying a kayak for the first time can be an intimidating process as there are many different styles and types of kayaks to choose from. However, since there are many [...]

  • Top Two Person Kayaks

The Best Tandem Kayak Reviews in One Place! New 2018 Guide!

​Tandem kayaks are an ever-popular version of the kayak because they offer the chance to take family or friends out for a paddling adventure. Tandem kayaks also offer increased space [...]

  • Top Recreational Kayaks

The Best Recreational Kayaks Reviewed in This Ultimate Guide!

​​Kayak technology is growing at a rate that allows premium features on recreational kayaks. Even if you only take it out once or twice a summer, these kayaks will never [...]

  • Top Kayak FishFinder

Searching for the Best Kayak Fishfinder? See it Right Here!

​Adding a fish finder will make fishing from a kayak easier and allow you reel in more fish. Technology is expanding to allow highly sensitive GPS readings, accurate maps and [...]

  • Best Sit on Top Kayak on the Market

We Reviewed the Best Sit on Top Kayaks: Read the Guide Now!!

​​Sit-on-top kayaks are designed with an open cockpit which allows for easy entry and exit. This style of kayak is great for those who might be new to kayaking and [...]

  • Top Inflatable Kayaks for the money

The Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews in This Ultimate Guide

​​An inflatable kayak offers a host of benefits that make them stand out from traditional hard-body kayak designs. Inflatable kayaks can be deflated so that they take up little space [...]

  • The Top Fishing Kayaks Around

Ultimate Guide! Best Fishing Kayak Reviews & Comparison Table

​If you’re going to use your kayak for fishing, don’t settle for a standard kayak without fishing-specific features. A fishing kayak adds in features that will make your kayak fishing [...]

  • Top Ocean Kayaks

The Ultimate Guide! Best Sea Kayaks and Ocean Kayak Reviews!

Ocean kayaking is an ever-popular hobby for those of us by the water because it allows us to explore, get exercise and feel a sense of freedom on the waves. [...]

  • we found the Best GPS Watch for Kayaking-

We Located the Best GPS Watch for Kayaking

What probably seemed unthinkable a decade ago is now possible; our movements can be tracked from outer space with something as small as a wristwatch.These technological advancements have been a [...]

  • Personal Flotation Device

Onyx Movement Dynamic Vest: The Best PFD for Kayakers

Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs): they can be uncomfortable, might restrict your movement, and are not always the most flattering. If local law permits it, some paddlers don’t wear one at [...]

  • Best Water Shoes for Kayaking

Finding the Best Water Shoes for Kayaking

Footwear, it’s probably one of the last things that you think about before a kayak trip, but when you’re out on the water, your shoes need to do everything – [...]

  • Best Kayaking water bottle

Best Water Bottle for Kayaking

You’re packing up your kayak for a trip, and you’ve got your paddle, sunscreen, sprayskirt, dry bag, PFD, maybe even a paddle float. What a lot of people forget is [...]

  • What is the Best Kayak Carrier for Two Kayaks-

What is the Best Kayak Carrier for Two Kayaks?

Unless your house is equipped with a dock, taking up kayaking means you’re going to need a roof rack for your vehicle. Even if you own a pick-up truck, a [...]

  • Best Kayak Cart for Sand

Discover The Best Kayak Cart for Sand

And the Best Kayak Cart for Sand is....Malone Nomad Universal Kayak CartLightweight FrameNever go Flat Tyres150 Pound Load CapacityPerfect for use on SandBuy it Now!lorem ipsum dolorEnter the kayak cart: a [...]

  • Best Action Cam for Kayakers

We Found the Best Action Camera for Kayaking!

Over the last ten years, action cameras have taken the outdoor sports world by storm; their small size and bulletproof toughness have allowed anyone to become the videographer of their [...]

  • Kayak with a front hatch

Lake vs. Sea Kayak: Which is Right for You?

One of the most exciting outdoor adventures you can partake in is the kayak camping trip: paddling off with a boat full of gear to places that are inaccessible to [...]

  • Woman paddling a recreational kayak

Recreational vs. Touring Kayak: Which One Do You Need

The difference between a recreational kayak and a touring kayak is something that perplexes many people who are new to the sport. Some think a recreational boat is just a [...]

  • Sit in Kayak

Sit-on-Top or Sit-In Kayak: How To Decide Which is Right for You

If you love kayaking as much as I do, having your own boat means more freedom and opportunities to paddle. A kayak is a relatively expensive purchase though, and you [...]

  • Start Kayaking

So You Want to Start Kayaking?

You’re thinking about getting into kayaking, but aren’t sure what kind of investment it’s going to take. Am I in good enough shape? How much will it cost to start [...]

  • Essential Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips

7 Essential Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips for Newbies

Fishing in saltwater isn’t all that different from freshwater, but the challenges of any fishing trip are magnified when you’re in the ocean. The weather, distance from the shore, and [...]

  • Set Up Your Kayak for Fishing

How to Set Up Your Kayak for Fishing

Probably the biggest difference between fishing from a kayak versus a motorized boat (or the shore) is how much space you have. On a kayak, everything needs to be meticulously [...]

  • Hardshell Kayak

Buying a Kayak: Hardshell vs. Inflatable

Close your eyes, and picture a kayak. You almost certainly imagined a hard-shell kayak, but even though that’s the most popular conception, it’s not the only option. Inflatable kayaks have [...]

  • what should you do if you capsize your kayak?

What Should you do if Your Kayak Capsizes?

What do you do if your kayak capsizes? First, don’t panic. Panicking will do nothing to help the situation and will distract you from making decisions that could save your [...]

  • What to wear kayaking

What Should you Wear Kayaking?

It might not seem like there’s much of a dress code for kayaking, but what you wear makes a difference, and should depend on the type of environment you’ll be [...]