6 Outdoor Sports you Should Try

We all love sports. It is a great way to stay active and fit and to share good times with friends and family. In addition to popular sports such as football, tennis, hockey and basketball, there are hundreds of other sports that people can enjoy watching or taking part in.

Outdoor sports are some of the most enjoyable, and they are an excellent way to improve physical health, as well as mental health. Some sports will promote endurance and technical ability, while others can help with becoming self-sufficient and also working as part of a team.

There are lots of sports and outdoor activities that people can enjoy throughout the year. Here we will take a look at some of the most popular outdoor activities that you can do.


Hunting is another sport that is not suitable for everyone, though if you are physically fit and able, it is an excellent cardio workout and one that can get your blood circulating and heart pumping. The hunting equipment that you will need to carry about will be quite heavy, so it is a good workout for your muscles as well.

There are different types of hunting that you can take part in. Small game hunting will involve animals such as pheasants, rabbits and ducks while large game hunting includes larger animals such as moose, bears and deer. You can find out more about hunting online by visiting websites like Hunting Illustrated 


This is probably the most popular outdoor activity and one that is available to people everywhere. There are no boundaries on who can enjoy this activity, and men and women of all ages and walks of life can experience the enjoyment of hiking.

As long as you are physically able, hiking is an excellent work out for the whole body, as well as being a great way to clear the mind and escape from the stress and bustle of everyday life. It is a great cardio exercise and can also help with improving blood pressure, weight loss and reducing the risk of illnesses such as heart disease.

There are many places where you can go hiking and many areas have specially designed routes where you can enjoy a long hike in a safe environment.



Not everyone will be able to enjoy sailing activities, but if you are in a position to go out on the water, then it’s a great activity you can enjoy with friends and family and a lot of fun. You don’t need to own your own boat to go sailing, as there are lots of places where you can rent a boat. You don’t even need to know how to sail a boat and many times you can also hire an experienced person to sail for you.

Getting out on the water and enjoying the breeze on your face is a wonderful experience, and you can sail out on the ocean or nearby lakes or rivers. Sailing can also be a great workout for the body if you get involved with it and can help build up your core strength and muscles.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

As long as you are physically able, rock climbing is an excellent workout for the whole body. It is a strenuous exercise that combines aerobics and muscle building and during the climb you will burn off quite a number of calories. As well as increasing your muscles, if you regularly go rock climbing, it can help increase your endurance and stamina.

There are lots of climbing groups open for everyone to attend, and you will easily be able to find something for you, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced climber. There are different types of climbing such as mountaineering, bouldering, top rope and various others.

Canoe & Kayak

This is another very popular sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Canoeing and kayaking are both exercises that are low-impact, meaning that they are perfect for people who cannot take part in more strenuous forms of exercise. They can help increase muscles strength in the arms and shoulders, back and chest, and can also promote increased cardiovascular fitness.

Canoeing is where the participant will sit or kneel inside a forward facing open canoe, using a single-bladed paddle to power their movement. A kayak is slightly different, where the participant sits in the kayak with their legs in front to them, and they use a double-bladed paddle to power and control themselves.

This can be quite a strenuous activity depending on the water currents. You can find groups that offer this activity and you’ll be able to take part in this fun sport, whatever your level, from beginner to experienced.



Mountain biking is another very popular sport and one that is growing year on year. It provided a great workout for the body and muscles, especially the legs, and is also a good cardio workout. You will likely want to have your own bike for this sport, but there are clubs and groups that you can join where you’ll be able to use one of their bikes if you don’t yet have your own.

There are countless bike options for mountain biking. Electric mountain bikes are ideal options for seniors, and people with certain health conditions, who can’t do physical activities are too strenuous but want to try mountain biking.

There are lots of places around the country where you can go mountain biking, with trails ranging from the easy to the intense. It’s a sport that requires a lot of endurance and physical strength, but is definitely one of the most rewarding that you can experience.

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