Ocean Kayak Frenzy review

Ocean Kayaks Frenzy Review

Read What I Thought About The Frenzy Kayak From Ocean Kayaks

As more people are getting into the sport of kayaking, we’re seeing a rise in the sales of sit-on-top kayaks. They provide great stability for beginning paddlers and are versatile in their purpose – providing an excellent base to fish, scuba dive, or swim. While they may not have the speed, maneuverability, or the ability to roll that their sit-in counterparts do, they are a perfect choice for a laid back day of paddling.

The Frenzy from Ocean Kayak is an excellent example of why sit-on-top kayaks are gaining popularity relative to the standard sit-in kayaks. It’s a fun, easy-to-use boat that won’t be too hard on your wallet. This Frenzy kayak review demonstrates why this boat is so successful.

Ocean Kayaks Frenzy

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What You Want In An Entry Level Sit-On-Top Kayak

Above all, sit-on-top kayaks should be comfortable and easy to use. Most are a bit wider than their conventional counterparts, giving them more stability. A first-time kayaker won’t have to worry about tipping over in a sit-on-top boat, though they don’t glide through the water quite as well. Sitting on top of the kayak also means a larger range of motion, which many people find more comfortable. Most of them are also self-bailing; the water drains out through a set of holes in the kayak body, but a few models out there are lacking this feature.

What Is The Frenzy Like

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy stands at a compact 9 feet long and 31 inches wide, making it a versatile boat that can paddle lakes, slower rivers, and some medium-sized surf waves. Its maximum capacity is 325 pounds, suitable for larger paddlers or those hauling heavy gear. The great price  makes it an attractive purchase for those just getting into the sport, as well as for more avid paddlers who already have a conventional boat and want to try a sit-on-top.

Frenzy Kayak Review

All of Ocean Kayak’s boats are incredibly stable thanks to their tri-hull design (even if it looks a little bit funky). The boats have a distinct keel running down the middle, with bulging shoulder sections coming off either side. The shape functions similar to an outrigger canoe, as the deep center keel keeps the boat traveling in a straight line while the outer pontoons prevent it from tipping over.

The Frenzy is a self-bailing boat with four scupper holes drilled into the first set of molded footrests and into the seat well. If you’re worried about getting wet (if you are, a sit-on-top kayak might not be right for you), you can buy plugs that prevent water from sloshing in through the bottom of the boat.


  • With its hull design, the Frenzy’s stability is top notch, making it an excellent choice for beginners who don’t have a perfected paddling technique and might be worried about losing control of the boat or rolling it over.
  • Both the front and rear storage areas of the kayak have bungee cords. That’s a critical feature for anyone who wants to be able to do other activities with their boat, be it fishing, scuba diving, or anything else that requires being able to carry and access some gear.
  • In addition, at just 44 pounds, it won’t be too strenuous if you need to pack the boat some distance to your put-in point. It also won’t break your back loading it onto the rack of a taller vehicle like an SUV.


  • The Frenzy doesn’t have many drawbacks beyond those of any sit-on-top kayak. Some larger paddlers have complained that the seat isn’t very comfortable and that it places them in an awkward paddling position. This is not a universal complaint, though, and aftermarket seats that provide more back support are available.
  • Otherwise, as an inexpensive sit-on-top kayak, the Frenzy isn’t particularly fast; so don’t attempt to cover a ton of distance with it. This should go without saying, but you’re going to get a little wet in this boat, too, as is the case with all sit-on-top kayaks.

Ocean Kayaks Frenzy

Outdoor Veteran Rating

 9.5/10

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To sum up the Ocean Kayak Frenzy review, it’s a great choice for beginner kayakers and for anyone interested in a leisurely paddle or doing activities like fishing or scuba diving from the boat. Since it’s pretty inexpensive, you’ll have plenty of money left to buy an aftermarket seat or a set of plug to solve the kayak’s minor drawbacks. Plus, if you decide you’d like to try a more advanced kayak later on, you won’t have sunk too much money into this one – and you can even use it to invite a friend who’s new to kayaking.


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