Hide Away in the Best Ground Blinds for Hunting

Hunting from a tree stand can vastly improve your chances of making a kill. From a tree stand, you have a better vantage point, your scent doesn’t carry as well, and you’re less likely to be seen by your prey. Unfortunately, tree stands are also uncomfortable and dangerous. Countless tree stand accidents occur every year, … Read more

The Different Types of Rifle Sights and When to Use Them

No matter what type of you hunting you do like to do, it’s imperative that you learn how to use your sights correctly. Accurate shots are a necessity for making a kill, and just importantly, for making a clean kill. A shot that’s even a few inches off target can lead to unnecessary suffering for … Read more

How to Use a Rangefinder for Hunting

Rangefinders are often the last piece of optics a hunter will buy after a scope, binoculars, and spotting scope. It can seem like a luxury item, especially when you believe that you’ve got a pretty good eye for distance. Nothing could be further from the truth though, no matter how experienced of a hunter you … Read more

How Wearing Camo Clothes Helps Your Hunting Success

Many hunters will tell you that camo is overrated – humans have been hunting for centuries with only the most minimal camouflage and the fact that we’ve survived suggests that it has been quite effective. They’re not wrong, most animals have relatively poor vision and can suss out your position by smell alone; being scent … Read more

Best Hunting Clothing for Seasoned Hunters and The Best Camo Facepaint

Camouflage clothing has become ubiquitous in the hunting world. Every shirt, jacket, pair of pants, hat, belt, and pair of socks and hunting boots can be purchased in some type of camouflage pattern. For many, camo has become a fashion symbol, a way of signaling to others your enthusiasm for hunting and the outdoors. But the … Read more

Different Types of Camo and Where You Would Use Them

More than anything else, wearing camouflage identifies you as a hunter (or military). Its goal: allow you to move through the forest undetected by your prey. Obviously you can go hunting without wearing camouflage, hunters have done in for millennia. However, when used effectively, camouflage can significantly improve your chances of filling your tags. The … Read more

Want the Best Hunting Crossbow? Read our Reviews to Find out Which the best are

​Crossbows are becoming more popular, both for hunting and target practice. With the rising popularity comes a wider range of top crossbows available on the market. Some people are switching for bow hunting to crossbow hunting. We talked to other crossbow enthusiasts and asked them what they thought were the important factors of a good hunting … Read more

The Reasons You Need to Use a Rangefinder When Hunting

From your treestand, you spot a monster whitetail just 30 yards in front of you. Pull back your bowstring, take aim, and release. You hear the slap of the arrow hit, but the buck saunters off. Have could you have possibly missed? The most likely problem – your target was not 30 yards away. You’ve … Read more

When and Why You Would Use a Treestand

If you’ve been bowhunting for very long, you’ve probably heard about treestands and how transformative they can be for your hunts. However, you’ve probably also heard that even the best treestands can be dangerous and difficult to use. Both are true and the choice to use a treestand isn’t one to make lightly. So you … Read more

We Let Loose on the Best Hunting Bows and Wrote These Reviews

The sport of bow hunting feels like stepping into the past, to a time when humans hunted animals only for food and skins rather than recreation. The bow was invented thousands of years ago, and yet, even in this modern age, it uses the same principals to fire an arrow, and ultimately take down a … Read more