Want the Best Hunting Crossbow? Read our Reviews to Find out Which the best are

​Crossbows are becoming more popular, both for hunting and target practice. With the rising popularity comes a wider range of top crossbows available on the market. Some people are switching for bow hunting to crossbow hunting. We talked to other crossbow enthusiasts and asked them what they thought were the important factors of a good hunting … Read more

The Reasons You Need to Use a Rangefinder When Hunting

From your treestand, you spot a monster whitetail just 30 yards in front of you. Pull back your bowstring, take aim, and release. You hear the slap of the arrow hit, but the buck saunters off. Have could you have possibly missed? The most likely problem – your target was not 30 yards away. You’ve … Read more

When and Why You Would Use a Treestand

If you’ve been bowhunting for very long, you’ve probably heard about treestands and how transformative they can be for your hunts. However, you’ve probably also heard that even the best treestands can be dangerous and difficult to use. Both are true and the choice to use a treestand isn’t one to make lightly. So you … Read more

We Let Loose on the Best Hunting Bows and Wrote These Reviews

The sport of bow hunting feels like stepping into the past, to a time when humans hunted animals only for food and skins rather than recreation. The bow was invented thousands of years ago, and yet, even in this modern age, it uses the same principals to fire an arrow, and ultimately take down a … Read more

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope

You have a big buck in your crosshairs, a stable shooting position, a buttery smooth trigger pull, but when the shot’s smoke clears, that buck is still standing defiantly. What went wrong? Most likely, it was an improperly sighted rifle scope, and few things can be more detrimental to your hunt. No matter how amazing … Read more

When and Why You Would Use a Ground Blind

Ground blinds are sort of the unsung hero of the hunting world, and I’m not sure how it became this way. Yes, treestands are great for getting out of a deer’s line of sight, but they also come with quite a few drawbacks. A good ground blind, on the other hand, is essentially just a … Read more

How to Use Game Calls to Get More Kills

Learning how to use a game calls to get more kills is one of the most important skills you can have as a hunter. Without game calls you are forced to wait for the game to come to you, a boring and wholly unsatisfying fate. But with them, you control the movements of your prey … Read more

Best Practices for Hunting from a Treestand

There’s no arguing about it, treestands are ideal place to hunt from if if you’re after whitetails. They get you (and most importantly your scent) off the ground and onto a better vantage point. If you’re a bowhunter, you will almost certainly use a treestand at some point in your hunting career. Unfortunately, many hunters … Read more

Best Practices for Hunting from a Ground Blind

Treestands are an integral part of bowhunting, but sometimes they’re just too much of a pain. They’re uncomfortable, somewhat dangerous, and take quite a bit of time to erect. An alternative option is the ground blind, which is much easier to deploy and great if you’ve already had a lengthy hike or just don’t want … Read more

Let’s Look at the Best Hunting Packs for your Hunting Trip

No piece of hunting equipment gets as much wear and tear as our packs. They haul our rifle, accessories, and often hefty quarters of meat for long distances and over rough terrain.   While you might just think of is as a receptacle for all the other gear, having the right backpack can be the difference … Read more