Learn About Crossbow Broadheads

As you get into crossbow hunting, one of the first choices you’ll come across is what kind of broadhead you want to shoot. All broadheads are designed to cut a wide path in their target, resulting in maximum blood loss (for a quick, clean kill) and a strong blood trail for tracking the wounded animal. … Read more

A History of Barnett Crossbows

What name do you think of when you imagine the best crossbows? Chances are, that name is Barnett. Barnett Crossbows has been manufacturing some of the finest ones on the market for over fifty years now, and they’ve also developed some of the most important innovations in the field: the crank cocking device, the break … Read more

How to Mount a Crossbow Scope

Crossbow scopes can add a whole new dimension to your hunting experience, allowing you to see greater distances and with higher fidelity. While scopes come in all sizes, prices, and magnifications, the ways they mount to the bow are quite similar. Even the best crossbow scope still won’t function if it’s been mounted improperly, so … Read more

A Guide to Arrow Nocks

If you’re a novice crossbow hunter, you probably haven’t put that much thought into what type of arrow nocks you’re using. However, your crossbow most likely requires a specific kind of nock to be fitted on all of your crossbow bolts to work properly. You should be able to find this information in the instruction … Read more

How to String a Crossbow

Given the amount of tension a crossbow is designed to hold, restringing one might seem a little intimidating. However, you should actually restring your crossbow every 200-600 shots, which is fairly often if you do much shooting. Even the best crossbows will need this sort of maintenance, luckily it isn’t all that difficult. Why You Need … Read more

How to Sight In a Crossbow Scope

You’ve purchased a new crossbow and are ready to take it out hunting, but first you’ll probably need to get it sighted in. Even the best crossbow scopes will not be accurate until you go through the sighting in process. Knowing how to sight in a crossbow scope is an important skill for any hunter, as accurate … Read more

How to Wax a Crossbow String

So, you’ve just purchased one of the best crossbows on the market and are ready to do some shooting. If you want to keep that crossbow working properly, though, you’ll need to learn how to maintain it. As with any machine that has moving parts, it’s going to need lubrication to operate smoothly.  The bowstring of a … Read more

Find the Best Recurve Crossbow With Help From our Reviews

Are you looking to do some hunting or perhaps some target shooting? The recurve bow has been the companion of man for centuries, from the days of old defending castles and taking down game for the table, the recurve design has been incorporated into crossbows for modern times where men still take to the woods … Read more

Let Our Reviews Help you Find the Best Crossbow Bolts/Arrows

Your crossbow is only as good as the bolts you use with it. Nowadays there are many different types of bolts and arrows available. Each one offers unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Luckily we have found the best crossbow bolt reviews so you do not have to spend your time researching and can spend more … Read more

Best Expandable & Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadhead Reviews

The range of options when choosing a broadhead for crossbow hunting is ever expanding. The old days of fixed, two blade, flimsy metal broadheads has gone, leaving us with lots of options to consider when looking for new broadheads. The list below will help your search for the best crossbow broadhead by giving you our … Read more