A History of Barnett Crossbows

What name do you think of when you imagine the best crossbows? Chances are, that name is Barnett. Barnett Crossbows has been manufacturing some of the finest ones on the market for over fifty years now, and they’ve also developed some of the most important innovations in the field: the crank cocking device, the break action cocker, and anti-dry fire device. But they weren’t always the big player they are today, and the history of

 is a rather interesting one.

How Barnett Crossbows Got Their Start

It all started back in 1962 when Bernard Barnett began tinkering around with crossbows in his garage in Wolverton, England. Word got around, and many of his friends were interested in the designs he was coming up with. Selling just a few bows at first, Barnett slowly built up his reputation as a master craftsman in the crossbow industry. As the years went on, he started filling orders for customers throughout England and across continental Europe, maintaining his stellar credentials and taking an even greater share of the market. Several years later, he partnered up with a friend in Michigan to begin distributing his high-quality bows in the United States. Americans immediately fell in love with Barnett’s products, leading to immense growth in the company and a need to expand operations.

In the early 1980s, Barnett took a trip to Florida and was enamored with both the sunny weather and the favorable business climate. In 1983, he set up shop in Odessa, Florida. For the next two decades, his factories in England and in Florida worked in parallel, but he shuttered the factory in England in 2003 and moved all operations stateside. Maintaining two manufacturing centers had caused enormous friction in the company, and production lines were frequently shut down. The factory closure in England gave the company a fresh start, and Barnett Crossbows hasn’t looked back since.

Where Barnett Crossbows is Today

Barnett Crossbows is owned by Plano Synergy Holdings, which also owns some other favorite hunting brands like Halo Optics, Bloodsport Archery, and Tenzing. The company is committed to providing excellent hunting equipment at a reasonable price, giving more people the chance to spend time outdoors and enjoy a sport they love.

Today, Barnett is a leader in the field of crossbow manufacturing, producing some of the fastest shooting bows, like the Barnett Hyperhost 425. They also price their bows at a point that is affordable, even for those just starting out in the sport. The Barnett Ts390, a lightening fast compound crossbow (390 fps). Many hunters are unsure about switching over from their traditional bows, and having such great crossbows at an affordable price makes it much easier for the sport to grow.

Despite their current success, Barnett is always looking towards the future, finding new ways to innovate and improve their products. Lighter, faster, stronger – Barnett Crossbows is leading the way when it comes to the future of crossbows.

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