Gun Safety: Important Things You Should Know Before Buying A Gun

Pistol Safety

People buy guns for all sorts of reasons but the most common is that they need them for safety. While it is indeed effective as a means to protect oneself in most situations, guns aren’t definitely for everyone. Without proper care and knowledge, you should not own a gun.

In 2019 alone, there were 39, 707 gun-related deaths that stemmed from preventable, intentional, and undermined causes. While we can’t say for certain, there’s a good chance that most of these deaths were caused by people who had no proper knowledge about gun safety.

Seeing these numbers, do you think you have what it takes to own a gun? Are you responsible and careful enough so as you won’t hurt yourself or those around you? It’s never too late to learn about gun safety and before you get yours, it’s very important that you’re well-prepared for the responsibility ahead.

Be it for your hobby or security purposes, it’s very important that you learn about these gun safety tips first before you buy your own firearm.

Don’t Get Something To Heavy

There are many types of guns that you can get for your home. Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are allowed to be had at home. However, keep in mind that some guns are better for beginners. Getting high-caliber weapons can put you at risk of hurting yourself or others.

When it comes to beginner guns, most experts would suggest getting handguns instead. It’s what’s usually issued to the police. Although it has lower firepower, it’s still more than enough for security purposes. Of course, it also helps that handguns are very easy to handle as compared to other types of guns.

Shotguns and rifles can be suitable for beginners too. However, keep in mind that these guns are way more powerful than handguns. If you’ve been accustomed to the recoil of a handgun, you’ll be surprised at how strong both of these weapons are.

It takes a lot of practice to know how to properly handle these weapons so be sure to test them out at the firing range first.

Be Wary Of Gun Laws

Before you even think about buying a gun, make sure that it’s legal in your area first. While it’s true that buying a gun is easy, owning one is a different thing. There are many guidelines and laws that you must first understand before you make a purchase.

You should do your own research with regard to the local gun laws in your area. In most cases, there’s an age limit to adhere to before owning a gun. You must also pass a series of physical and mental exams before you are given a license to own a gun. Getting this license can take a few months or so.

While bothersome for many, these laws are there for the benefit of everyone else. It ensures that only those who are responsible enough are the ones who are allowed to carry weapons as well. In most states, you even have to pass a background check before being issued a license.

Consider Other Guns For Hobby Purposes

If you want to own a gun for hobby purposes, you don’t necessarily have to get a real gun. Aside from being more dangerous, real firearms are also more expensive. A good alternative for your shooting fix are airsoft weapons which is a safe way to enjoy the feel of a firearm.

Airsoft guns look and feel pretty much like real guns. However, there’s no firepower behind these weapons. Instead, they fire plastic projectiles called BBs. These are used for airsoft competitions where you get to shoot and play with others – simulating a real battle. While airsoft guns do hurt, they are safer and not fatal as well.

A lot of people that want to try out guns but aren’t ready for the responsibility choose to get an airsoft gun instead. These weapons come in all shapes and sizes and you can definitely get your fix of firing a weapon with it. Don’t worry about the pain as in competitions, you’ll be suiting up with armor.

From shotguns to pistols, there’s an airsoft gun replica of nearly every firearm. The best airsoft sniper rifle doesn’t just look like the real thing, it feels like it too. With a growing community of airsoft lovers, you’ll never run out of competitions to participate in.

If you want to try out pistols, there’s a whole range of airsoft pistols as well. If you check out this list you will find the Best Airsoft Pistol 2021 has to offer, these look and feel like the real thing. It’s immersion at its finest.

Try Going To A Fire Range First

The good news is that you don’t need a gun to get the experience of holding a gun. Some people first head to a firing range to test out guns before they buy one for themselves. It’s a good way to check if you’re capable of owning one at home. Aside from that, firing ranges can help teach you more about gun safety too.

Even if you do own a gun already, you should regularly visit the firing range so that you’re able to develop your skill and aim with a gun. This will help you be more precise in case the time comes when you need to use it. Owning a gun is a lifelong commitment and that’s something that you should never forget.

Have A Safe Storage At Home

It has happened many times already. People were unable to store their guns in a safe place, so their kids went to the guns. An accident happens. If you don’t have a safe place to store your new gun, you should not get a gun unless you want to put yourself at risk when your kids get to the gun.

It’s fairly common for people to store the gun in their bedroom as it’s more accessible there. As an additional measure, you should buy a storage box for your gun. It’s very important that the weapon is not within reach of your children as it doesn’t really take much before they do something bad with it.

If you’re headed out and your kids will be left home alone, it would be best to hide your gun under a sturdy storage box that’s secured with a lock and key. They SHOULD NOT know where your guns are. In their eyes, guns can look like toys and proper storage is a part of being a responsible gun owner.

Besides getting a good gun safe, make sure you get a proper holster to carry your firearm in while you’re not home. It’s not too difficult choosing a good holster, but you need to know some basics. There is a good guide at the bottom of this article – even though the article itself is about Glock 19 holsters, those holster tips will apply to all handguns.

Only Buy From Authorized Dealers

The last thing you’d want to be doing when buying a gun is not getting one from the right people. There are a lot of people who will sell you guns but the more pressing matter is knowing whether or not they are legitimate distributors of firearms. You won’t be excused from the law as a buyer if you buy your guns from anywhere.

As a general rule of thumb, only buy your guns from retailers that are already well-known. This guarantees that you are dealing with the right people only. You should also check for permits and licenses from the distributors as well just to be safe.

Any gun seller who’s worth his claim will happily show you proof that they are authorized dealers of firearms. Aside from staying away from legal repercussions, buying from authorized dealers also guarantees that the gun you are getting is of top quality.

Handgun Safety

Practicing Regularly Is Recommended

You don’t always get to fire your gun but it’s very important that you know how to use yours at least. If you want to ensure that you are always prepared to protect yourself with a gun when needed, then you may want to spend some time in a firing range.

Firing ranges allow you to rent guns or you can bring your own as well. This is the safest and most perfect opportunity to practice your aim and your handling of your gun. The more practice you put in, the safer gun owner you become. Remember, it’s not just about being accurate. It’s also about being responsible.

Understand That Not Everyone Believes Guns Are Necessary

Once you own a gun, you might get a few criticisms from some friends and family. In cases like these, understand that not everyone sees the point in owning a gun. Their beliefs are well-warranted though. With thousands dying from shootings yearly, they have every right to fear gun ownership.

Despite this, do what you think is right for yourself and your family. Be a better person and just let them be. Better yet, show them why gun ownership can be a good thing given that the person who owns the gun is responsible and trained already.

If you don’t want to, you don’t exactly have to tell them that you own a gun. If they ask, be honest and upfront about the reason. Show them your license and let them see that you are more than prepared to take on the responsibility of gun ownership.

Gun ownership is a huge responsibility. We understand your concerns and why you think that you need a gun. However, nothing beats knowing what it means to actually own a gun before you get one for yourself. May these tips shed some light on that responsibility in the future.

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