We Found the Best Action Camera for Kayaking!

Best Action Camera for Kayakers

Over the last ten years, action cameras have taken the outdoor sports world by storm; their small size and bulletproof toughness have allowed anyone to become the videographer of their own adventures. Cyclists record their route as evidence in case of an accident, skiers capture their sick jumps, and skydivers shoot videos of their mid-air … Read more

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

Sundolphin Aruba 10 kayak

Recreational (or “rec”) boats are synonymous with low-cost, big box retailers (we won’t mention any names, you know who they are). These kayaks are cheap, flimsy, and something you’d probably be selling on Craigslist after a year, once you get a little more experience and money. It’s unfortunate that many people buy these boats, because … Read more

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 Review

Ocean Kayak Vapor 10

So you want to go fishing, but are tired of casting your line from the shore. Buying a motorboat seems like a huge purchase, and you’d need a decent-sized vehicle to tow it anyway. The solution: a fishing kayak. It’s an economical (and honestly more fun) way to get out on the water and start … Read more

Read our Riot Kayaks Edge Review

riot kayaks edge

When a store calls something a touring kayak, it’s often a misnomer. All kinds of entry-level boats between ten and fifteen feet in length get lumped into the category. But the term “touring kayak” technically refers to boats you can take on a tour – a decent-sized adventure. They may not be 18-foot sea kayaks … Read more

Ocean Kayak Frenzy review

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

As more people are getting into the sport of kayaking, we’re seeing a rise in the sales of sit-on-top kayaks. They provide great stability for beginning paddlers and are versatile in their purpose – providing an excellent base to fish, scuba dive, or swim. While they may not have the speed, maneuverability, or the ability … Read more