We Located the Best GPS Watch for Kayaking

we found the Best GPS Watch for Kayaking-

What probably seemed unthinkable a decade ago is now possible; our movements can be tracked from outer space with something as small as a wristwatch. These technological advancements have been a boon to the outdoor recreation industry, and to kayaking specifically. They’ve made it possible to track all kinds of workout statistics, in addition to acting … Read more

Review of the Sevylor Quikpak K5 Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K5 Inflatable Kayak

Back in the day, inflatable kayaks were essentially pool toys. They weren’t built to be durable or to handle well. Luckily, the industry has recognized that the market for such kayaks isn’t people lacking the money or knowledge to get a better boat, but rather those who need the portability and easy storage that comes … Read more

A Fantastic Family Boat: Review of Lifetime’s 10-Foot Manta Kayak

Lifetime Manta Kayak

Lifetime’s 10-Foot Manta Kayak ReviewLightweight at 60 lbTunnel hull design provides ultra stability and tracking; Almost impossible to tip over!5-year limited manufacturer warrantyOur Rating 10 Out of 10 Price: Buy From Amazon When kayaking and outdoor publications put out their lists of “This Year’s Best Kayaks,” the pages are filled with descriptions of boats that … Read more

Review of Ocean Kayak’s Malibu Two Kayak

ocean kayaks malibu two

There’s nothing quite like a day of kayaking: gliding effortlessly through the water, the sun warming your face and the earthy smells of the water wafting through your nose. There’s just one thing that could make that day better – a partner. Someone to share in the experience, and someone who will join you in … Read more

Review of the Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak

There’s nothing quite like a day of fishing out on a tranquil lake or river. No engines roaring, or even any sounds of a truck starting up in the distance. It’s a dream for many anglers to leave civilization behind, even for just a day. Unfortunately, it’s a hard dream to achieve on the more popular … Read more

Onyx Movement Dynamic Vest: The Best PFD for Kayakers

best personal flotation device for kayakeing

ONYX MoveVent Dynamic ReviewOur Rating 10 Out of 10 Lightweight PFD​Design Allows for Greater MovementMesh Back Helps Keep you CoolPrice: Buy From Amazon Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs): they can be uncomfortable, might restrict your movement, and are not always the most flattering. If local law permits it, some paddlers don’t wear one at all. But … Read more

Finding the Best Water Shoes for Kayaking

top water shoes for kayakers

Footwear, it’s probably one of the last things that you think about before a kayak trip, but when you’re out on the water, your shoes need to do everything – be waterproof, provide traction, and protect the soles of your feet from sharp rocks. Paddling with the wrong shoes is miserable, so your footwear can … Read more

Best Water Bottle for Kayaking

best kayaking water bottle

You’re packing up your kayak for a trip, and you’ve got your paddle, sunscreen, sprayskirt, dry bag, PFD, maybe even a paddle float. What a lot of people forget is one of the most critical items – water. A day on the water can be strenuous and dehydrating, especially if it’s hot or humid. Kayakers … Read more

What is the Best Kayak Carrier for Two Kayaks?

What is the Best Kayak Carrier for Two Kayaks-

Unless your house is equipped with a dock, taking up kayaking means you’re going to need a roof rack for your vehicle. Even if you own a pick-up truck, a rack (or extensive tie-down system) is necessary for all but the shortest boats. Kayakers who paddle infrequently can get away with some using some foam blocks … Read more

Discover The Best Kayak Cart for Sand

What is the best kayak cart for sand?

And the Best Kayak Cart for Sand is…. Malone Nomad Universal Kayak Cart Lightweight Frame Never go Flat Tyres150 Pound Load CapacityPerfect for use on Sand Buy it Now! lorem ipsum dolor Enter the kayak cart: a pair of wheels to assist you in transporting your boat and gear to and from the water. All carts … Read more