A Guide to Reeling Them In: Ten Tips for Mastering Kayak Fishing

You’ve tricked out your fishing kayak and have your rod holders placed just right, but now it’s time to get out on the water. You’re well versed in fishing from a boat, but kayak fishing has a set of challenges all its own. These tips will help you master your kayak and bring you closer … Read more

7 Essential Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips for Newbies

Fishing in saltwater isn’t all that different from freshwater, but the challenges of any fishing trip are magnified when you’re in the ocean. The weather, distance from the shore, and gear needed all make saltwater kayak fishing a bit more challenging, but with a few simple tips you should be out on the open water … Read more

How to Set Up Your Kayak for Fishing

Probably the biggest difference between fishing from a kayak versus a motorized boat (or the shore) is how much space you have. On a kayak, everything needs to be meticulously organized or it will turn into an unruly mess. There’s not much space to move around, so if gear isn’t in its proper place, it … Read more

Searching for the Best Kayak Fishfinder? See it Right Here!

​ Adding a fish finder will make fishing from a kayak easier and allow you reel in more fish. Technology is expanding to allow highly sensitive GPS readings, accurate maps and constant sonar readings. The fishfinders on this list will mount easily on a kayak and can be transported to a larger boat when needed. These … Read more

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews | 2019 Awesomeness!

​ If you’re going to use your kayak for fishing, don’t settle for a standard kayak without fishing-specific features. A fishing kayak adds in features that will make your kayak fishing adventures more comfortable and allow you to catch more fish. The kayaks on this list range in prices and construction but are all among the … Read more