Essential Equipment for a Night Hunt

Planning a night hunt? Check out this post to get an idea of some of the essential equipment you will need

Night hunting is slowly becoming more preferred by hunters compared to day-hunting. The night brings with it a thrill that the day can not give.

Just as hunting during the day has its share of challenges, night hunting faces even more challenges, mainly because of limited vision. You can not hunt what you can not see.

As exciting as night hunting can be, it’s necessary to know how you can keep yourself safe and warm while enjoying your hunting experience.

This article discusses essential equipment for a night hunt to ensure that your hunting experience is successful. Make sure that you carry the following kit with you to your night hunt.

Hunting Knife

Your goal is to come home with meat. Carry a knife that is comfortable, easy to use, and made from high-quality materials.

A well-sharpened knife that is made from quality material will save you time while dressing an animal. It is also suitable for your protection, cutting ropes, sharpening sticks, and many other uses.

  • Firelighter

While out there in the jungle, a fire will be necessary to keep you warm, scare away predators and also help you prepare some food.

Keep your firelighters in a safe place where you can reach them easily. You might also need to know other ways of lighting a fire in case your firelighters fail you.

As you light fires out there, you should be careful as they can quickly spread and be disastrous. Fire will also draw attention to you, so you should be on the lookout for any pending dangers.

  • Night Vision Gear

For a successful night hunt, you’ll require quality night vision gear so that you can set your target and aim correctly. The best thermal scopes available in the market allow you to use them in all light conditions and give you optimum results.

As you prepare to go for a night hunt, arm yourself with a good Thermal Rifle Scope, and if necessary, add a night vision monocular or binoculars. The key features of a thermal scope offer the same level of clarity and precision as day hunts. A good night vision gear will give you an advantage and make your hunting experience fun.

  • First Aid Kit

First Aid kit

A night hunting adventure can pose a lot of danger and make you prone to injury. You can easily trip and fall or get injuries as you pursue your prey. It’s also possible that you fall sick as conditions outside can be a little extreme at night.

In your pack, include a first aid kit with materials relevant to the hunt. Carry bandages, antiseptics, some painkillers, and antibiotics so that you can take care of any arising issue during the hunt.

  • Safety Blanket

The safety blanket, also known as the survival blanket, is made of thin plastic sheeting that can reflect heat. It is light and fits up in a small space. It reflects up to 90%of body heat to keep you warm on a cold night.

Pack one safety blanket to supplement your warm clothing during the hunt. It doesn’t crackle or make noises so that it will be suitable for the hunt.

  • Water

Water will be necessary to keep you vitalized as you run after animals all night. It’s bulky, yes. But there is no clean water in the jungle. A good option would be to carry a water purifier so that whatever water you get out there, you can purify it and consume comfortably.  Also, if you’re about to put up an all nighter, you might want to bring good, strong coffee too.

  • Flashlight

A flashlight is essential to light your path to prevent accidents. After shooting an animal in the dark, a flashlight will provide the light needed during dressing.

Choose a compact pocket flashlight that you can easily take out during hunting. You need one with the right brightness – too bright light might spook an animal while too dim light might cause you to misidentify an animal, putting you in danger.

  • Food

Food has to be part of the equipment you need to carry. Hiking all night going after animals can be tiresome, and as a result, hunger strikes. A hungry man is a demotivated man. To complete your hunting adventure, you’ll need to carry some easy-to-go snacks that can keep you re-energized.

One More Thing

If you are going night hunting for the first time, you should know that even the most experienced hunters experience difficulties in the jungle as they hunt. It’s important to remain safe and vigilant at all times, especially with your weapon so ensure you carry your rifle correctly at all times. The satisfaction of a night hunt is in the thrill involved in it as you conquer the darkness and hunt.

It’s impossible to carry everything you need in a night hunt, but the ones discussed above will ensure that you have a smooth hunting experience.

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