5 Pro Tips For Choosing The Best Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Biking

There’s no doubt that the demand for the best electric mountain bike (eMTB) increases every year. Because of that, new components, technologies, and electric drive systems are being developed and continually introduced on top of those already available. Almost every bike brand now offers several eMTB models, making shopping for one a bit complicated.

If you’re thinking about getting an eMTB for a better workout option or any other reason, then you’re in luck because this article will talk about several pro tips to keep in mind when choosing the best eMTB.

1. Consider Your Needs

One of the first questions you should ask yourself before shopping for an eMTB is ‘how and where will you take it for a ride.’ eMTBs also come in different options for different riding interests, the same way when you used to shop for traditional mountain bikes.

Whether you’re a cross-country racer, an endurance climber, or a trail rider, there’s always a model to fit your needs and preferences. Once you know how you plan on riding your eMTB when going outdoors, you can hone your research from here on out. Understanding your needs will help you pick the right eMTB for you.

2. Get It From A Reputable Retailer

Typically, you should purchase your eMTB from a reputable brand or retailer. You can tell a lot about the quality of the items sold at a bike shop by judging the place of purchase using three key points: vibe, commitment, and quality.

What is the vibe upon walking into the store? Is the staff welcoming, friendly, and helpful?

Commitment refers to the shop’s enthusiasm for its electric bikes. Were they knowledgeable about their products?

Quality refers to the type of bikes that they are selling. Do their bikes come from established brand names in the industry like Charge electric bikes? Or, are they selling eMTBs from brands that you haven’t heard of before? You want to ensure that the bike shop delivers quality services to avid cyclists and not just in business to make money.

3. Battery Capacity

Anything that runs on batteries has a limited number of hours to operate. The machine performance and power consumption will also impact how long the battery runs.

Powerful eMTBs can do various things, such as climbing heights, traveling long distances, and carrying heavy loads, but these activities consume battery power faster. Hence, there is a reduction in the eMTB’s range. Although the type of motor can also determine how long it will run, it’s recommended that you go with a big battery that can last longer.

Likewise, take into account the battery performance of the eMTB you’re going to choose. Check to see if your preferred option comes with multiple battery options.

4. Type Of Motor

The biggest difference between an eMTB and a regular mountain bike is the motor. Several motor designs are available for purchase in bike shops, especially with all well-known brands introducing incredible motor types every year. These come with various features designed to suit different styles of riding.

There are two types of motor based on the location: mid-drive and hub drive. Mid-drive motors are located on the bottom bracket (the part where the crank is attached to the frame). The weight is on the bike’s center with this type of motor, thus keeping your balance when riding.

On the other hand, hub drive motors are located inside the hub of the rear or front wheel. This gives the biker the feeling of being pushed as it cycles.

man riding electric mountain bike
Full body of male cyclist in activewear and helmet sitting on e bike and looking away while exploring mountainous landscape

5. Test Drive Several Bikes

One of the most critical and fun parts of buying an eMTB is the chance to test drive it before purchasing. Trying an eMTB is a must as it allows you to figure out which one is the best fit for you.

Additionally, you’ll see how the bike feels when you ride it and test some of its features. Check out how responsive the pedal assist of the eMTB is, so you can find one that reacts at your preferred speed and intensity.

Final Thoughts

As soon as you’re able to take these things into account, you should already have a clear picture of the best eMTB for your needs. This will undoubtedly help you with the selection process and take you closer to making the best choice. Moreover, purchase a helmet in addition to your eMTB. This will ensure that you are protected from any incidents while on the trail. Remember to prioritize your safety the way you do with the features you aspire for in an eMTB.


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