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Edge 14.5 LV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak

Ocean kayaking is an ever-popular hobby for those of us by the water because it allows us to explore, get exercise and feel a sense of freedom on the waves. Thankfully, finding the best ocean kayaks is easier than ever and this guide will give you 5 sea kayak reviews. A sea kayak has different needs than a kayak used on rivers or lakes, as the sea is wavy and windy the kayak needs to be more stable and buoyant.

Here we go, the Top 5 Sea Kayaks are as Follows

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Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV Flatwater Day Touring Kayak

Riot Kayaks Edge 145 LV best sea Kayak

The Riot Kayaks Edge is a comfortable closed-top kayak with expert features and performance. Weighing in at around 60 pounds and at 14 feet long this isn’t the most compact kayak, but the weight and size mean it will be comfortable and stable on the water and will be able to achieve substantial speeds.

The Riot Kayaks Edge has a slim profile and rudder system, which makes it easy to maneuver and paddle. It also makes for better tracking so you can take the kayak in even lines as you paddle. Other features include a custom-fitting seat, drainplug, paddle hook, bungee tie downs and oversized molded compartments and reflective panels.

If you’re planning on touring in the open water this is the perfect option. The kayak is well-made, easy to use and has plenty of storage for food, water and camera gear allowing it to achieve the best sea kayak reviews.

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Necky Eliza Kayak with Rudder

Necky Eliza Kayak with Rudder

While the price for the Necky Eliza Kayak is steep, the rich features package and sturdy construction mean this is an excellent choice. This is a kayak made for women and has dimensions to match.

The Necky Eliza has a long and narrow shape which means it cuts through the water with ease and provides excellent speeds. The long shape also means it will stay steady on the water and track well. The rudder and foot pedals also add the stability and ease of use. Other features include an adjustable seat and spacious dry storage.

On top of the features, one percent of total sales are donated to the Breast Cancer Fund, so this is a kayak made with charitable intentions.

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Perception Kayak Carolina Sea Spray

UnPerception Kayak Carolina Sea Spray

The Peception Kayak Carolina Sea Spray is a compact sea kayak built for comfort and all day paddling.

The size of the Carolina, coming in at 12 feet in length, means it’s smaller and more compact than other kayaks on this list. The small size means it is very easy to maneuver and light to carry to the water. The kayak is made to tackle rivers and coastal areas, but not necessarily for long distance sea kayaking, unlike some of the more expensive sea kayaks on the market.

I personally love the white to blue fade coloring of the Carolina Sea Spray, and the knee padding, bungee tie-down areas and ample storage space make this the best sea kayak if you’re on a budget.

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Eddyline Skylark Kayak

Eddyline Skylark Kayak

Like the Carolina Sea Spray, the Eddyline Skylark is a compact kayak designed for those looking to transition from a beginner kayak into an ocean kayak. The shape and feel if the Skylark will be familiar to a recreational kayaker, but the hull shape and added features make this an excellent transition kayak.

The hull shape strikes a balance between comfort and performance by staying short and wide for stability yet having a sea kayak shape to increase speeds and tracking. Reviewers have noted how comfortable the kayak is for all-day use. Even experts like this kayak as a comfortable alternative to sea kayaks with standard long dimensions. Like other kayaks, it has a very comfortable seat and lots of storage room too so you can take it on the water for hours at a time.

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Riot Kayaks Brittany 16.5 Flatwater Touring Kayak

Riot Kayaks Brittany 165 Flatwater Touring Kayak

The Riot Kayaks Brittany is a British-style sea kayak that cuts through the water with ease. The long, narrow hull shape is built for performance, yet this is a surprisingly comfortable and stable kayak also.

The Brittany has a deployable skeg rudder that increases stability and tracking, especially in windy weather or choppy water. The heavy weight and long shape means it can take a few strong pulls to get moving, but once it achieves momentum it keeps on going. This kayak has lots of storage space for holding gear and a seriously comfortable and adjustable seat.

The ability of this kayak to go from easy paddling to technical, choppy water makes it an excellent all-around choice and the overall best ocean kayak.

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The 5 kayaks on this list are all excellent choices for your next ocean adventure. Buying a well-made kayak is a great investment and can give you a different adventure from a bike ride or weekend run. Whichever you pick up, know you’ll be getting one of the top sea kayaks on the market.

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