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Top Recreational Kayak Reviews

Kayak technology is growing at a rate that allows premium features on recreational kayaks. Even if you only take it out once or twice a summer, these kayaks will never let you down with their dependability and comfort. The varied styles and types also mean you can find a kayak to match your personal needs. Here are the best kayaks for recreational use.

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Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Top 5 Recreational Kayaks Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

The Frenzy Sit-On-Top Kayak has great features in a compact shape. At 9 feet in length and weighing 43 pounds, the Frenzy is easy to transport and can be quickly mounted to a car top or in the back of a pick-up. The size also means it can be used by adults and children.

This has some of the best recreational kayak reviews because of its durability and quality. The Frenzy has solid construction and a well-made hull, meaning it will have excellent stability, tracking and maneuverability in the water. The hull shape cuts through the water to create decent speeds. Creature comforts include a stern tank that has a bungee top, cup holder, side handles and lots of tie-off points. The seat is also comfortable and can be adjusted in 4 ways.

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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-in Kayak

The Best Kayak Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Being the most inexpensive kayak on this list the Sun Dolphin Aruba is the best kayak for recreational use if price is a determining issue.

Made for easy paddling and gentle to moderate rivers, this kayak is getting excellent reviews from users. The shape of this kayak makes for easy maneuverability and straight tracking. The cockpit has adjustable foot braces and a bask supporting seat, so it’s a comfortable kayak to use. Carrying handles and a storage hatch mean that it’s easy to get into the water and use.

If you’re looking for casual paddling and ease of use, this is the kayak for you.

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Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Heron 9XT Recreational Kayak

Heron 9XT Top 5 Recreational Kayak

The Heron 9XT is a reasonably priced recreational kayak with some modern touches and comforts. If you’re looking for personalization, this kayak comes in a range of color choices too.

The Heron 9XT is aimed at recreational users with its compact size and light weight. But, even though it’s small, it’s still very well made and durable. One nice feature is the water duct on the top of kayak that means water dripping from the paddle won’t as easily fall into the cockpit. Other features include a comfortable seat, dry storage and knee padding.

Old Town is a well-loved name in the industry and this kayak allows you to purchase their quality at a reasonable price.

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Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 top 5 Recreational Kayaks

The Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 is a sit-on-top kayak made for all day use and comfort.

Featuring a well-made hull that makes for smooth paddling and tracking, this kayak can be used on everything from ponds, lakes, oceans or rivers. The sit-on-top design means there is plenty of space and the added bungee tie downs and dry storage mean you can carry food and clothing with you onto the water. What makes this kayak so comfortable is the 4-way adjustable, foam padded seat that gives great cushioning and allows for easy paddling mechanics.

If you’re looking for an excellent recreational kayak with expert features, look no further than the Scrambler 11. It’s features and quality make it the overall best recreational kayak.

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Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Sit-On-Top Kayak

Sevylor QuickPak Top 5 Recreational Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are the ultimate recreational use kayaks because they are light, easy to transport and don’t take up space in storage. The Sevylor QuickPak is a sit-on-top design inflatable that balances comfort with usability.

Sevylor is a leader in inflatable kayak design, and this kayak boasts a 400-pound weight capacity, guaranteed no leak construction and 5-minute setup. This means it can go from in the included backpack to inflated and in the water in around 5 minutes. Pretty Cool! And even though it’s inflatable it still tracks well, can hold up in lakes or ocean and has a cushioned seat for extra comfort.

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In Conclusion

All of these kayaks have excellent recreational kayak reviews and have been tested to prove their durability. They track well, have comfortable features and will be ready to use when you want to hit the water. Pick one up and you’ll be on your way to new adventures on the water.​

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