The Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews in This Ultimate Guide

The Best Inflatable Kayak Reviews

An inflatable kayak offers a host of benefits that make them stand out from traditional hard-body kayak designs. Inflatable kayaks can be deflated so that they take up little space in storage and all of the kayaks on this list can then be inflated in less than 10 minutes. Inflatable designs are the ultimate recreational kayaks because of this ease of use. Modern technology also means they are becoming much more durable and long-lasting.

Check out these inflatable kayak reviews for the best inflatable kayaks.

Here are the Top 5 Inflatable Kayaks of 2017

Sea Eagle 330 Best Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle 300 is a quality-made tandem inflatable. Constructed from inflatable PVC, the Sea Eagle 300 feel very durable and is backed up by a no-leak guarantee. The kayak can also support 650 pounds, which is plenty for two people.

The 330 comes with a pump carrying bag and repair kit and two paddles. The seats inflate with the kayak and are surprisingly comfortable and offer support to allow for even paddling. At the front and back of the kayak are tied down skirts which can be used as storage space and can cover a cooler or food. It’s light to carry and takes only 8 minutes to inflate.

Reviewers love this kayak for its stable feel and ease of use, and the ability to carry two people makes it an excellent family choice.

The K5 has been getting excellent reviews because of its stability and length that makes it feel like a hard-body kayak. It has a guaranteed no-leak design and comes with a paddle and carrying backpack, so it can go from garage to car to water in no time at all!

While most inflatables have rubber construction, this kayak is made of polyethylene for added durability and has a foam seat instead of an integrated inflated seat. The bottom of the kayak has is layered with tarp and PVC elements mean this kayak is guaranteed not to puncture. On top of these features, the Quikpak fits in its included backpack and can be inflated in under 5 minutes.

Sevylor Quikpak K5 top 5 inflatable recreational kayaks
Rave Sea Rebel top Inflatable Kayak for beginners

The Rave Sea Rebel is an inflatable kayak that will appeal to those who are familiar with a sit-on-top kayak design. The design allows for ease of movement, stability and an open feel that allows you to connect with the water.

The Rebel has a nylon cover with PVC bottom so it can glide over shallows and rocks. It includes a paddle, carrying bag and hand pump that can inflate the kayak in around 5 minutes. The Rebel has a comfortable seat that attaches to the middle of the kayak and has a bottle holder, so there is attention given to comfort. There is also a bungee tie-down area in the rear for stashing gear or food.

Advanced Elements AE1007-G Convertible Top 5 Inflatable Kayak

If you’re looking for the top inflatable kayak for your next kayaking trip, check out the AE1007-R.

The AE1007-R is a kayak that blends elements from inflatables and traditional designs. The kayak is 15 feet long and has a narrow hull shape that adds to stability and tracking. It has a tandem design, but can easily be used by 1 person.

The kayak has a long shape that is recognizable to traditional kayakers. The kayak has built in valves to easily inflate and has aluminum ribs that make the kayak more stable and rigid. The AE1007-R feels like a traditional kayak even though it comes is a packable and light inflatable design.

Advanced Elements FireFly top Inflatable Kayak for the money

The clever design and ease of use makes the FireFly the best inflatable kayak on our list.

The FireFly is a single-person design from Advanced Elements that has the same innovation as the AE1007-R. The kayak is made for recreational users but reviewers have noted that it functions well on rivers, lakes and even short trips in the sea.

Like the AE1007-R, the FireFly has panels that are inserted after inflating the kayak to increase rigidity and durability. Overall, the kayak feels very stable and maneuverable. The FireFly has an outer cover with tie-downs in front of the cockpit so you can bring a bag for supplies.


If you’re new to kayaking or a recreational kayaker, the kayaks on this list will perfectly fit into your needs and budget. The materials mean that costs can be lower than with traditional kayaks, which is reflected in the price range of $175 to $700 for all these models, they can be used for multiple uses including kayak fishing. Browse our list of the best inflatable kayak reviews and pick one up today!​

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