Hide Away in the Best Ground Blinds for Hunting

Hunting from a tree stand can vastly improve your chances of making a kill. From a tree stand, you have a better vantage point, your scent doesn’t carry as well, and you’re less likely to be seen by your prey. Unfortunately, tree stands are also uncomfortable and dangerous. Countless tree stand accidents occur every year, and as hunters age, climbing becomes a riskier choice.

Fortunately, ground blinds provide a safe and comfortable alternative. Essentially a camouflaged tent with portholes, the blind breaks up the hunter’s outline and also offers protection from inclement weather, giving them another advantage over tree stands. However, deciding what size, design, and features you need can be a real headache if you’re not familiar with the blind options out there.

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Choosing the Best Ground Blind

Since the goal of a ground blind is to hide from the animals you might be hunting, the most important aspect is how well it blends in with the environment you intend to use it in. If you’ll be hunting near a stand of ivory-toned aspen, don’t get a blind that’s 75% green. You’ll have just bought an expensive tent to relax in.

The second consideration is how easy it is to set up. Hub blinds are the simplest to assemble because they function like a freestanding tent (except the fabric is attached to the tent poles). Just lay out the blind fabric and pull on the hubs, and it essentially assembles itself. Blinds that require stakes and tie-downs are more difficult to set up, but they’re also lighter weight.

You’ll also want to think about how big of a blind you want. Will other people be in the blind with you? How tall are you? What size will your bag be? A blind that feels too small for you will be a source of frustration for the whole outing.

While this isn’t always feasible, try the blind out if possible. Get inside, see if you feel claustrophobic, and draw your bow if you’ll be bow hunting from it. Knowing the dimensions of the blind just isn’t the same as getting inside it. If you’re buying online, see if there’s a favorable return policy in case you don’t like it.

Top 4 Best Hunting Ground Blinds Table





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Best Hunting Blind on the Market

1. Barronett Blinds Grounder 350


70″ x 70″

Hub to Hub





19 lbs



Best Blind for Bow Hunting

2. Primos Double Bull Bullpen


56″ X 56″

Hub to Hub





23 lbs



Best Budget Hunting 


3. Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind


55″ x 55″

Hub to Hub





16 lbs

Water Resistant


Best Blind for Turkey Hunting

4. Ameristep 4-Spur Blind






1 lbs



The Best Hunting Ground Blind Reviews

Barronett Blinds GR351BT Grounder 350 Pop Up Portable Blind

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great


Bottom Line: This is a beast of a ground blind that has ample room. They say it can fit three hunters, it can but you’ll be more comfortable with two. The shoot through mesh window coverings can be replaced when you’ve shot through them enough, overall this is the perfect hunting blind


  • Plenty of room inside
  • Replaceable shoot through mesh windows
  • 360 degree viewing
  • Best hunting blind on the market


  • Windows are a little high for seated shooting
  • Doesn’t come with a floor

Barronett Blinds Grounder 350 Pop Up Portable Blind Review

For the money, this is probably the best overall blind. It’s roomy (large enough for two hunters), easy to setup and durable.

The blind is 80 inches tall at its center, meaning even the tallest of hunters should have no trouble moving around inside it or making a shot. There’s 34 square feet of floor space, which is plenty for two hunters. Barronett claims the Grounder 350 fits three hunters, but that might be getting a little crowded. The blind is made of 150-denier nylon, which is very water resistant and tear-proof. The interior fabric is all black to prevent any silhouetting that would occur with a lighter color.

As with most hub blinds, even the most mechanically un-inclined individuals can deploy the Grounder in less than a minute by. The blind weighs just 19 lbs., making it relatively easy to carry to more remote hunting locations.

The blind has three large zippered windows, which you can open and close in a few different ways to change the size of the hole. The windows are 60 inches wide and 26 inches tall, and are divided into triangles that can be individually zipped and unzipped. Each of these windows is also covered in a replaceable shoot-through mesh, so you’ll never need to expose yourself too much. There’s also one 15-inch by 11-inch window that is always open and does not have the shoot-through mesh.

The Grounder would be a good choice for hunters who often go with a friend and want an economical, easy-to-use blind that will last for years.

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Primos PS60075 Double Bull Bullpen Ground Blind

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great


Bottom Line: Offering a great view all around with the “surround view” feature, this blind is a good size to sit in for a long time and stay comfortable. It has great weather protection making it suitable for use in the wind and rain. Overall it is a fantastic blind for hunting


  • Great for bow hunting
  • Great weather protection
  • Surround view offers great all round visibility
  • Very durable


  • Costs more than most blinds

Primos PS60075 Double Bull Bullpen Ground Blind Review

The first thing you’ll notice about the Primos Double Bull is the fabric – it’s thick, it’s tough, and you know it’s going to last for years. The next thing you’ll notice is how quiet it is; with zipper-less doors and a sliding window, there won’t be any sounds to scare off your prey. The Double Bull’s fabric also won’t be making the crunchy tent noises you see with cheaper blinds.

It’s built to hold two hunters comfortably, with 25 square feet of floor space. In the winter months, you’ll appreciate the thicker fabric, as it will hold in some of your body heat.

The biggest downside to this blind is the set-up; the Double Bull is notorious among hunters for its difficult assembly. You’ll want to watch some YouTube videos and get some practice in your backyard before using it on the hunt. Once you have the process down, you can have the Double Bull together in thirty seconds or less. Practice makes perfect.

At 23 lbs., this is also not the lightest blind on the market. It doesn’t come with a backpack either, just a storage sack for using at home. You’ll have to stuff it into your hunting pack, which will have to be quite a bit larger to accommodate the size of the blind. What do you expect from the Cadillac of hunting blinds, though?

The Double Bull is best for hunters who aren’t concerned about weight or set-up time, and want the most comfortable blind available.

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Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good


Bottom Line: This blind is really cheap for the quality you get, the camo design is great and the shoot through mesh windows are replaceable so it always looks good and functions as they should. It is a good size but still lightweight. Overall this is the best budget hunting blind


  • Great price
  • Nice and light making it easy to transport
  • Plenty of room for two hunters


  • Zipper opening can be a bit noisy

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind Review

Also from Ameristep, the Caretaker is a great choice for hunters who want the extra space and protection that comes from a fully enclosed blind. It’s also a fantastic value.

The blind has 21 square feet of space, which is enough for up to two hunters and their gear, but it will be more comfortable for solo hunters. The roof is 66 inches tall at its highest point, so you probably won’t be able to stand up straight in there, and not when aiming your shots.

Each of the Caretakers’ windows is covered in a replaceable shoot-through mesh, which is pretty much a must. No matter how well your blind blends into its surroundings, if there’s a large black opening for a window, deer are going to get spooked. The camouflage mesh maintains the pattern seen on the rest of the blind.

The fabric is Durashell Plus 100% polyester, which is admittedly neither the most waterproof nor durable material. To make it more water-resistant, you could use silicone sealant on the seams and a spray waterproofing on the rest of the fabric. The advantage of polyester is that it weighs considerably less than other materials; this blind only weighs 16 lbs.

The Caretaker is a great blind for solo hunters who want an easy-to-assemble, roomy blind that’s not going to break the bank.

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Ameristep 4-Spur Blind Realtree-Realtree Xtra Green

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good


Bottom Line: Great value for a great product, it’s so simple to use and weighs next to nothing. It’s not the most perfect blind but if you’re looking for an easy to use blind for turkey hunting then this is a great option.


  • Very lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Perfect for turkey hunting


  • Would be better if it was higher

The Best Hunting Blind for You

Blinds can make hunting a much more comfortable experience, allowing you to sit safely on the ground instead of hunching over in a tree stand for hours at a time. They also improve the chances of getting a kill, paired with a deer feeder and game call your chances are greatly increased, as you and your fellow hunters are in closer proximity and can communicate about what you see.

Before buying a hunting blind, just ask yourself a few questions: how many people will I be hunting with, how much space to do I need to make a good shot, how much time am I willing to spend on set-up, and of course, how much money can I spend?

Answering these questioning thoughtfully and honestly will help you buy the best ground blind for your hunting needs.

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