We’re Featuring Some of the Best Outdoor Brands Around

Best Outdoor Brands

Being in the outdoors is what we love the most, there are lots of different ways you can spend that time outside and a lot of different activities.

While it isn’t a necessity, buying specialized gear can make your experience more enjoyable or safer or easier etc.

Here we feature some of the best, most interesting outdoor brands and services that can help you get more from your outdoor adventures

Kadzait Outfitters


      Brand Established: March 2017

Kadzait is an Inuit word with a meaning that resonates to our core: Wandering Wolves. We’re here to deliver you high quality hiking and camping gear and get our customers Wandering.

Why did you start your brand and what did you hope to achieve?

Kadzait is a small family-run business that was started to design and produce high quality gear, but also to give back to the American National Parks Service as well as wildlife conservation; Wolves in particular. Our goal is to turn a profit that we can then donate a significant portion to the NPS as well as Wolf Sanctuaries throughout the U.S.

What makes your products/service unique?

A personal touch. We want to create engagement with everyone who wants to be outdoors, and that doesn’t mean you need to spend money. On our website www.kadzaitoutfitters.com we offer camping and hiking advice, blog about our travels, provide tips on when and where to see which parks, etc. My sister works inside Yellowstone National Park and is an expert on getting to some of the best and least known about parts of that park, even in the winter months. She is starting a video series on our site about how to get into the back-country,creating an incredibly unique experience. I don’t know of any other outdoor brand that is extending that kind of personalization to their customers. We want you to be our family!

Kadzaits Products

Gear Trade

Gear Trade Logo

      Brand Established: 1999

We were established in order to help outdoor junkies sell their old gear and help people score deals on used gear! 

Why did you start your brand and what did you hope to achieve?

Everyone has extra gear in their closet and garage that no longer gets used. Do you have a pair of skis or mountain bike that you’ve love to upgrade? GearTrade.com is the place to sell your old gear.As conscience consumers, the best thing we can do is reduce our consumption and re-use as much as we can. If you can keep an old jacket out of a landfill by giving it a new home, and make some money in the process, everyone wins. GearTrade has been helping outdoor folks recycle their gear since 1999. With your help, we’ve kept over $20 million dollars worth of gear out of our landfills.GearTrade was the first and only marketplace dedicated to core outdoor gear. We make it quick and easy to list your gear so you can spend more time outside.

What makes your products/service unique?

We’re the only marketplace dedicated to outdoor gear! We designed the selling process with gear in mind and tools to help every user create the best listing possible.

Raw (Renewable Authentic Watches)

      Brand Established: November 2017

Raw is a small, young company created to simply make people smile. We fell in love with the moment of giving other people gifts made uniquely customized for them. Knowing the value of uniqueness, each watch is different and crafted from real wood. We also know the value and uniqueness of people. This is why we engrave our watches particularly and distinctively for each person. We can’t wait to create something special for you.

Why did you start your brand and what did you hope to achieve?

My brand originally was just an idea of Christmas gifts for loved ones which eventually turned into a business

What makes your products/service unique?

We do personalized engraving of almost anything you can imagine. From logos to custom messages, we offer customization on the back of the watch as well as the strap upon request.

RAW Products


SweetDreamsOutdoors logo

      Brand Established: March 2017

Sweet Dreams Outdoors Is an Outdoor Adventure Outfitter. Dedicated to supporting the outdoors community.It all started with a idea that outdoor equipment can be extremely expensive. Making it difficult for people to actually get needed equipment for there Sweet dreams of a outdoor adventure.

Why did you start your brand and what did you hope to achieve?

So over talks around campfires late at night under the stars, and hikes in the vast trails of the Rockies. Sweet Dreams Outdoors was born, to bring a lower cost for sweet equipment to the outdoor adventurer.

What makes your products/service unique?

As well as what we have in the store right now, The Sweet Dreams Outdoors Team is busy working on new equipment ideas with manufacturers and suppliers. A long process of planning, building and testing of equipment is in the near future for the team. 


      Brand Established: Feb 2015

Trivelo connects triathletes & cyclists together helping to get more people on their bikes andenjoying the ride. We have a triathlon blog that is a unique collection of triathlon training / race tips, cycling product reviews, race reviews, guest content & insight into the mind of a triathlete. As well as our blog we also have a super secure website helping people buy & sell bikes saving up to £240 compared to selling through eBay. We don’t stop there also providing a triathlon specific forum built for sharing & connecting triathletes. Join the triathlon revolution.

Why did you start your brand and what did you hope to achieve?

The founding principal of Trivelo is to deliver the most genuine set of bikes and components. We want all our users to trust what they find on our site. This was borne out of a collective set of bad experiences on auction sites where we didn’t get what we were paying for and lost out. Bikes are big business and they can cost big money yet we buy them on face value. 

What makes your products/service unique?

We have the only integrated platform to validate the bicycle frame ID. Essentially every frame ID on our site is continuously checked against the national stolen database where frames have been registered. Nobody else does this. In addition we have a database of over 3,000 cycling and triathlon clubs registered in the uk prompting all our sellers to provide details of their local club if they have one. Nobody else does this. We prompt all users for the national affiliation membership they have and include this with all bikes for sale so you have detailed seller profiles. Nobody else does this. We have integrated profile information from Strava so a persons summary information is available with their advert. Again we want to protect our sellers so no location sensitive information is shared in case in case some wrong-uns decide to try and use this. Nobody else does this. Essentially you are not left buying something from a faceless individual but can get an instant view of their cycling credentials from a quick look through our webpage.

Off Grid Tools

OGT Logo Gold

      Brand Established: August 2017

Innovative, versatile and rugged. Off Grid Tools fuses small-scale functionality with large-scale durability. Tackling any situation that may arise at home, on the job, during an emergency or in the great outdoors

Why did you start your brand and what did you hope to achieve?

We wanted to breathe new life into the outdoor/prepper/survival space. There has not been a whole lot of innovation with outdoor multi-tools, so we saw an opportunity to try and take some market share with our unique an innovative multipurpose products.

What makes your products/service unique?

We strive to make all of our products unique. We pride ourselves in bringing quality made, multipurpose tools that are unlike any other on the market. We are not a “me too” brand. All of our products are unique in their own right.