Best Excalibur Crossbow Reviews and Ratings

Excalibur is a leading name in the crossbow market known for their long-lasting, durable products.

Excalibur stands behind recurve technology in their crossbows, which is older than compound bow technology but produces superior accuracy and reliability. Recurve bows have few moving parts and rugged simplicity, making them durable and easy to use and maintain.

An Excalibur crossbow can be a major investment because of the price, but know that if you buy Excalibur you are getting one of the top crossbows money can buy with a proud 30-year history and unmatched performance.

With this list of Excalibur crossbow reviews, it will be easy to find the crossbow to match your needs and budget.

Top 5 Excalibur Crossbows Reviewed

Matrix Bulldog 400

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 Crossbow

The priciest bow on this list, the Bulldog 400 matches high-end price with high-end performance.

The Matrix Bulldog 400 is Excalibur’s most powerful crossbow with the ability to launch a 350 grain bolt at over 400 fps. This is Excalibur’s big game bow and they are confident it can take down larger animals over medium to long distances.

It is equipped with a quiver, four arrows, a rope cocking system and Excalibur’s excellent Tact-Zone scope, which offers outstanding accuracy. The Tact-Zone scope has a red/green Illuminated reticle set to 20 to 60-yard intervals. The scope has a speedring system that will fit any crossbow and can be made to match the feet per second speeds with a turn of the scope dial.

If you’re in the market for a reliable bow that can take down whatever beast nature throws at you, this is the best Excalibur crossbow.

Best Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow

The Matrix 380 is one of Excalibur’s most popular bows and it consistently gets high ratings.

Excalibur has been famed for reliability over their 30-year history, but owners wanted their bows to be lighter and smaller. A few year ago, they launched the Matrix line, which was their attempt at making a more compact bow. They were able to trim six inches off the width and 4 inches off the length while still holding to some impressive numbers.

What that means is that this comfortable, light and compact bow can shoot an arrow up to 380 feet per second. The standard recurve technology means it has this speed and matches it with incredible accuracy and reliability.

Excalibur Matrix 355

A step below the Matrix 380 in price and speed is the Matrix 355, making this crossbow the mid-point in Excalibur’s line of crossbows.

This bow is smaller a bit lighter than the Matrix 380 but is still able to achieve arrow speeds of 355 fps. As an added feature, this bow comes with Excalibur’s excellent Tact-Zone scope in the box.

The cheapest crossbow in this list, the Matrix 355 is the easiest way to get the quality of Excalibur for your next hunt.

Excalibur Crossbow Micro 335

As the name suggests, the Micro 335 is Excalibur’s attempt to make a small, compact, micro bow. It fires a bolt at 335 fps from a 270 pound draw weight, which is serious craftsmanship considering the size.

The bow weights 5.2 lbs and the limbs are only 25 inches wide with a 10-inch power stroke. Even with this small size, the Micro 335 is quiet, accurate and doesn’t jump or move when fired.

The Micro 335 has very good performance, but the small size means that it is best for shorter ranges. From a tree stand to about 40 yards this bow has excellent performance and it is meant to work to those distances.

Don’t let the size fool you, this micro crossbow is one of the top rated Excalibur crossbows!

Excalibur Crossbows Vortex Shadow Zone

The Vortex holds the mid-point in terms of price, but still has the performance and reliability of Excalibur.

With 330 fps coming from a 200 lbs draw weight, this is a bow that excels at shorter distances. Excalibur focused on creating a flat arrow trajectory over short distances for this bow and it is very accurate at distances up to 30 yards with little drop off.

The Vortex comes with a quiver and arrows and rope cocking aid.

In Conclusion

Excalibur is becoming an integral part of a serious hunter’s kit because of the unmatched reliability merged with outstanding performance. These are the top Excalibur crossbows for hunting and they highlight the excellent quality and craftsmanship of the brand.

I hope our Excalibur crossbow reviews are useful to you and you find your perfect crossbow.

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  1. Had it narrowed down to an Excalibur and mission…test fired both..I liked the simplicity of the looked cooler..price being similar.. I liked the safety better on the mission.. and narrower… the mission fired superbly.. the string dampened flew off the Excalibur on the third shot..I was shocked..I seen the Excalibur commercials.. in the end I bought the Mission

  2. I own the Bulldog 400, and I’ve owned 3 other compound crossbows in my life. None of them comes close to the Bulldog. This is the most accurate hard hitting crossbow I’ve ever owned or shot! The thing is wicked! I’m very pleased with this crossbow and I would buy it if I were you! Has far as the draw weight, it’s a beast and I’ve had three shoulder surgeries, and three spine surgeries. I use the crank, and it’s very easy. The Bulldog 400 is bad to the bone in many different ways! Buy one!!!

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