The Best Crossbow Pistols on the Market – Reviews & Ratings

Selecting the best pistol crossbows on the market is simple with our guide. If you take the time to research pistol crossbows you have a better chance of buying a good crossbow.

There are several things to think about when you are preparing to buy a crossbow. Modern bows are easier to use than older versions. You can choose a one handed or two-handed bow. Two handed versions are more common, especially for hunting, fishing, and target shooting. They typically are more powerful and easier to use. Another popular choice is a miniature crossbow version which especially good for deer hunting. This article focuses on the one handed mini crossbows aka pistol crossbows.

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Here are the Top 4 Pistol Crossbows!


Crossbow Weight

Draw Weight

Speed(feet per second)

Our Rating

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1. Prophecy Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow

1.94 lbs


165 FPS


2. ACE Martial Arts Tactical Pistol Crossbow

2.3 lbs


165 FPS


3. Kings Archery Self Cocking Crossbow Pistol 

3 lbs


165 FPS



1.8 lbs


160 FPS


Prophecy 80 Pound Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow with Cobra System Limb

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great


Bottom Line: This is a well made pistol crossbow that has some good power behind it considering its size. It’s really fun to shoot and with proper care can last a long time


  • Powerful for its size
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Semi Automatic loading


  • String can break when care isn’t taken
  • No arrows supplied

Prophecy 80 Pound Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow Review

The Prophecy is claimed to be one of the best pistol crossbows because it’s like the Barnett Commando from the late 1980s. The Prophecy is admired because of its style and special features. It has the Cobra Limbs which have been known for reliability and the self-cocking system. It is easy to load and use, by pulling the cocking lever down. This activates the safety, which is another great feature.

It has a 6 4/5 power stroke. This gives the crossbow, extra stored energy to fire long range. The 80 lbs. draw weight provides more power to the bow. The self-cocking makes it easy to load. It is made from, CNC aluminum, which is stronger than plastic crossbows. It is still not too difficult to carry. The fore-grip is larger than most bows for more accuracy. These smaller sized crossbows are a lot easier to use.

Cobra System K-8025 Self-Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow 80-Pound

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good


Bottom Line: This mini crossbow has enough power to hunt small game, you get 3 bolts supplied so it’s ready to use as soon as you receive it. Overall it’s a good pistol crossbow


  • Good for small game hunting
  • 3 bolts supplied
  • Safety engaged automatically when cocked
  • Comes with an extra string


  • String breakage can be an issue

Cobra System K-8025 Self-Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow Review

It fires arrows up to 165 feet per second. It is best for target shooting or for small-game hunting. Reloading is quick and shooting is more effective. It comes with a locking safety mechanism, and it is easy to use.

This crossbow is made from strong plastic, with brass plates, giving it durability. The limbs allow for cocking and shooting flexibility. This crossbow comes with an automatic safety. It has a self-cocking mechanism that makes it easier to use.

Self-Cocking 80 Pound Crossbow by KingsArchery® Review

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good


Bottom Line: This is a well made pistol crossbow that has some good power behind it considering its size. It’s really fun to shoot and with proper care can last a long time


  • Includes lots of extras
  • Fairly decent scope included
  • Nice design


  • Supplied bolts are a bit cheap

Cobra System K-8025 Self-Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow Review

This crossbow is an 80 lb. self-cocking version. Comes with 3 aluminum arrow bolts and two bonus 12-cks. There is one extra crossbow string and caps combo. It comes with a Hunting Crossbow Scope so you can see a look farther. There is an adjustable sight so you can more easily hit your target. The bow limb is made of compressed fiber glass. You can reload arrows quickly because of self-cocking lever. It comes with a life-time technical support and a 30-day limited warranty.

4. MTECH USA DX-70 80lbs Fibreglass Pistol Crossbow

MTECH USA DX-70 80LBS pistol crossbow

MTech have created this pistol crossbow to a good standard, it is small but powerful, it might just be the worlds most powerful pistol crossbow! The cocking mechanism is a level style that you pull down to engage the string, it has a draw weight of 80lbs. It is only 20 inches in length but it is capable of shooting arrows at a mighty 165fps, for such a small crossbow that is a big punch.

Overall it’s a well-made crossbow that is strong and powerful enough to take out small game with ease.

5. Blades USA Eagle II Draw Rifle Crossbow, 150-Pound

BladesUSA Eagle II Draw Rifle Crossbow Review

This crossbow is more like a rifle or shotgun than a bow. It has a wooden fore-grip making it appear quite a bit different than most crossbows. This bow has a draw weight of 150 pounds. It fires at about 250 fps. That’s a lot of power. It has an easy-to-draw system. It is 27 inches’ tip to tip. It is one of the best pistol crossbows for hunting and target shooting.

It comes equipped with a foot stirrup for easy cocking. Several crossbow reviews claim that this is a fun crossbow, and that is accurate and powerful. It is one of the less expensive versions, but it is a good value.

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How About the Top Rated Pistol Crossbow Arrows

To compliment your puschase of a pistol crossbow you will need to get some suitable arrows, below are the best arrows for pistol crossbows.

Kings Archery Pistol Crossbow Arrows

KingsArchery Pistol Crossbow Bolts Aluminum

Kings Archery Crossbow Arrows are small but mighty bolts for your crossbow. The bolts measure 6.5” long and 2.4” in diameter. They come in a 12 pack and are very affordable. These aluminum bolts are designed to be used with 50 to 80 pound crossbows. They have a flat ended nock.

These bolts shoot straight and accurately. They come in a great black and gold color. The tips are sharp but are not made for real tough materials. You can also replace the tips if needed. The Kings Archery Crossbow Arrows are great for target practice or hunting small game.

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Whatever your preference, target practice or hunting, the self-cocking pistol crossbow is a powerful weapon. They come with a number of different options, so take your time deciding which is best for your purposes.  Consider the speed of the crossbow, as well as the power it can produce. If you are using it for target practice, less loading is best. Also think about the warranties that come with the crossbow. Try out a few and decide what suits you best. If you plan on hunting, remember a pistol crossbow is only good for small game, if you want to hunt big game you will need a bigger more powerful crossbow like one of the top recurve crossbows, or choose the best crossbow on the market here

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