Best Expandable & Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadhead Reviews

best fixed blade crossbow broadhead

The range of options when choosing a broadhead for crossbow hunting is ever expanding. The old days of fixed, two blade, flimsy metal broadheads has gone, leaving us with lots of options to consider when looking for new broadheads. The list below will help your search for the best crossbow broadhead by giving you our broadhead reviews for crossbows .

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads

Fixed blade broadheads are what your grandpa would have used to take down that 12-pointer he always talks about. The design and construction is simple and traditional, but with modern construction and materials, fixed blade broadheads offer a combination of penetration and accuracy.

[tcb-script async=”” src=”//″][/tcb-script]Carbon Express Nativ 100 Best Broadhead

Carbon Express Nativ 100 Broadhead

Carbon Express is a trusted name in the archery business and these fixed blade broadheads offer a balance between performance and price. At around $17 for a pack of three, these broadheads offer simplicity and minimal investment.

The Nativ 100 broadheads are accurate, simple and very quiet. The blades are made of thick metal and feel very well constructed with sharp edges and good weight. The two blades mean that you will get excellent penetration from these, and reviewers have noted how the performance is excellent for an “old school” looking set of broadheads.

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Muzzy Broadheads Trocar 125 Grain 3 Blade

Muzzy Trocar Fixed Blade Crossbow Broadhead

Muzzy is a name that is familiar to most crossbow hunters, and the New Muzzy Trocar broadhead set offers accuracy, durability and excellent penetration. The broadhead has three razor-sharp blades and a heavy 125 grain weight, meaning it will penetrate with a wide diameter.

The broadhead has an offset blade, which Muzzy claims will increase stability and accuracy. It is an interesting design and hunters have noticed the added accuracy of the broadheads. In a hunting situation, this accuracy means the ability to kill with one well-placed shot.

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G5 Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead

G5 Montec Broadhead

The G5 Montec broadhead set comes in multiple combinations of weight and construction, meaning it has a personal touch right out of the box. However, I’ve found the carbon steel set to be the best performing of all the fixed blade broadheads on this list.

Having a patented metal injection molded design and no need for assembly, the carbon steel broadhead set is simple, rugged and seriously powerful. At 100 grains it has power and the sharpness means it will offer deep penetration from over an inch of cutting diameter.

At $40 it is the most expensive entry on this list, but for sheer performance, durability and the ability to easily sharpen the blades, the G5 Montec carbon steel is the best fixed blade crossbow broadhead.

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Best Expandable Broadheads

If you’re in the market for expandable broadheads, these three are a blend of high quality and reasonable price. Expandable broadheads will generally give a larger cutting area but have less penetration than fixed blade broadheads.

G5 Outdoors T3 100 Grain Broadhead

G5 Outdoors T3 100 Grain Mechanical Broadhead

Another entry from G5 Outdoors is the T3 100 Grain Broadhead. For $35 you get a package of 3 broadheads and a practice tip. While the price makes this the most expensive expandable set on this list, the performance is worth every penny

With an all steel construction, 1.5 inch cutting diameter and 100 grain weight, this is a heavy-hitting broadhead set. The expansion means that this broadhead will hit hard and perform effectively at middle distances. And if that isn’t enough, these look really cool too.

In my opinion, these are the best performing broadheads on this list and the best broadhead for crossbows.

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Carbon Express Torrid SS Broadhead

Carbon Express Torrid SS Mechanical Broadhead

At around $18 for a three-pack, the Carbon Express Torrid SS is an inexpensive but effective expandable broadhead set. They are adjustable from 85-100 grains, have a solid chisel point and are made of aircraft-grade aluminum for added strength.

Even at the budget price, these are effective at hunting deer. Crossbow broadhead reviews for the Torrid SS note that at ranges of 25 to 35 yards these are devastating.

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Swhacker 125 Grain Broadhead Set

Swhacker 125 Grain Expandable Broadhead

At around $30, the Swhacker 125 Grain Broadhead Set is the second-most expensive set on this list, but offers excellent performance. The heavy weight and large area means this broadhead can take down a deer in one hit at 30 to 40 yards.

Reviews of the Swhacker 125 Grain Broadhead Set are excellent, with hunter’s noting its power, build quality and reliability, making it the best crossbow broadhead.

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As you can see, these are many options when choosing a new set of broadheads. While any on this list will perform well and meet the needs of any hunter, the offerings from G5 Outdoors are second to none. Whatever you choose, know that all of the entries on this list are among the best crossbow brands broadheads.

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