Best Hunting Clothing for Seasoned Hunters and The Best Camo Facepaint

Camouflage clothing has become ubiquitous in the hunting world. Every shirt, jacket, pair of pants, hat, belt, and pair of socks and hunting boots can be purchased in some type of camouflage pattern.

For many, camo has become a fashion symbol, a way of signaling to others your enthusiasm for hunting and the outdoors. But the fabrics primary purpose has always been to help hunters blend in, rather than stand out.

No matter what type of hunting you’re doing, there’s a good chance you’ll be wearing a hunting pack and a few pieces of camouflage. However, different environments require distinct patterns of camouflage.

 What works for autumn in New England will not be the best pattern for spring in Montana. The products reviewed below are examples of some of the best camo for hunting, but be sure the patterns you choose match the environment you’ll be hunting in.

Best Hunting Jackets

A hunting jacket is probably the most important piece of camo clothing you’ll own. The torso is the largest and most visible section of the body, making it the part most in need of camouflage. Of course, a jacket is also the most important piece of equipment for keeping you warm and dry in colder temperatures. When choosing the best camo jacket, it’s important to balance form and function. But keep in mind that if you live in a state that requires blaze orange during rifle season, your camouflage pattern will serve only as a fashion statement when you’re out of the woods.

Top 3 Hunting Jackets Table



Hunting Temperatures

Quality Rating

Our Rating

Buy Here

1. Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket

Camo Pattern

Real Tree Xtra

(others available)

Jacket Style


High to Mid


or on top of Layers in Low Temperatures



2. Legendary Whitetails Canvas Cross Trail

Camo Pattern

Big Game Field

Jacket Style

Heavy Duty





3. First Lite Chama

Camo Pattern




Jacket Style

Merino Hoody



or as a Layer in Low Temperatures



--The Best Hunting Jacket Reviews--

Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: A cool looking jacket with a great realtree xtra pattern, it is a truly functional jacket that serves its purpose well, overall it's a great hunting jacket to add to your hunting wardrobe


  • Camo patterns look great
  • Very comfortable
  • Quiet when moving
  • Nice and light


  • Somewhat large (good for adding layers though) 
  • Could be better waterproofed

Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket Review

This bomber-style jacket is designed for early season hunts and warmer locales. It’s great for when you’ll be moving a lot and working up a sweat. The polyester fabric is incredibly waterproof and breathable, and since this is Scent Blocker, you won’t have to worry about all that sweat tipping off any of the game that you’re chasing. In fact, the coat channels odors to specific exit points at the waist, neck, and wrist cuffs where it is absorbed through filters. That might sound a little sci-fi, but it works.

The jacket is also made of a somewhat stretchy fabric, so you’ll never feel restricted if you end up getting really active during the hunt. For pockets, there are two snap-closure pockets at the waist and one smaller, angled chest pocket. They don’t hold all that much, but the garment was designed to be light and fast.

The Knock Out jacket is a great choice for warmer hunts and scouting missions, as it has only minimal insulation.

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Legendary Whitetails Men’s Timber Line Insulated Softshell Camo Jacket

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good

Bottom Line: This is a great warm jacket for hunting in the colder weather. The water repellency is fantastic, you can be out in a storm and stay dry underneath. The big game field camo blends in really well


  • Great at repelling water
  • Tough durable jacket
  • Great variety of colours
  • Really warm


  • Sizes run large
  • Rather heavy

Legendary Whitetails Timber Line Insulated Softshell Camo Jacket Review

Everything about this Legendary Whitetails jacket is built to last: a tough canvas exterior, heavy-duty zippers, and 210 grams of insulation that will keep you warm even if the coat gets wet. As a workwear coat, the Cross Trail was designed to take some abuse.

The jacket is outfitted with a zip-off hood, which is a nice addition, because having a heavy hood attached when you don’t need it is uncomfortable. There are two large slash pockets near the waist, which are convenient for warming your hands, but since there’s no mechanism for closing them, they’re not a great place to store things. There is an interior pocket for holding small items, though.

If you do a lot of work outside during the winter, this can double as a great everyday coat. It’s a great choice for cold weather hunts, but earlier in the season, it might be too warm and will lead to copious amounts of sweat. Save it for when the temperatures are below 40 degrees.

The Timber Line only in one camouflage pattern on the arms and shoulders, with the chest and waist a solid color on most models. However, they do offer one jacket with a full camouflage pattern, which has a blaze orange interior.

First Lite Chama

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: This is a brilliant piece of hunting gear, it's lightweight, warm and very soft. Being made of merino wool it's great a minimising your scent to stop scaring off your prey


  • Lightweight
  • Super fine at 18.5 mircons
  • Great company
  • Amazing quality garment


  • Can snag moving through brush

First Lite Chama Jacket Review

Unlike the other two jackets reviewed, this one can be used as an outerwear layer or a midlayer. Made of 100% merino wool, it’s anti-bacterial, anti-stench, sweat wicking, and insulating all in one package. Its versatility will make it among the best camo clothing you own.

The First Lite Chama features a half-zipper from the neck to the sternum to allow ventilation in warmer temperatures or on particularly grueling hikes. It also comes with an attached hood that fits tightly around the face, for chillier temperatures or particularly biting wind. This coat’s biggest drawback is probably that it doesn’t have any pockets, since it was designed to also be a midlayer.

The jacket comes in several camo patterns to fit your specific hunting environment.

Best Hunting Pants

The second piece of camouflage clothing you’ll need as a hunter is a pair of pants. While your legs are probably less visible (unless you’re standing out in a field, there’s a good chance they’ll be obscured by a bush, blind, or some other object), it doesn’t hurt to break up your silhouette a little more.

A good pair of pants will also be high on functionality – they should have lots of pockets, be highly durable (won’t snag on branches easily), and most importantly, allow for comfortable movement. Below are some of the best camouflage pants money can buy.

--The Best Hunting Pant Reviews--

5.11 TacLite Pro Pants

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: These lightweight poly cotton pants in realtree xtra are perfect for every hunter, they are really durable and feel great to wear. Comfort, durability, great camo, basically everything you would want for your hunting pants


  • Brilliant camo pattern
  • Highly durable pants
  • Great water repellency 
  • Lots of functional pockets


  • A little baggy

5.11 TacLite Pro Pants Review

The TacLite pants are a good choice for early season hunts or those in warmer climates. 5.11 Tactical has made a name for themselves over the years as one of the premier makers of tactical gear. While top tactical gear doesn’t always overlap with great hunting gear, these pants are a near-perfect piece of camo.

These pants don’t have any insulation, but they’re some of the toughest pants on the market. As they were designed for tactical use, every aspect has been engineered for durability: cotton/polyester ripstop fabric treated with Teflon for wear resistance, heavy-duty YKK zippers, triple-stich reinforcements at common wear areas, and even extra thick belt loops (to accommodate the weight of a sidearm).

These pants were also designed to hold a lot of gear, with two cargo pockets, a cell phone/magazine pocket, knife pocket, and two rear slash pockets. If you’re looking for some of the best hunting camo, these pants will fit the bill.

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Mossy Oak Sherpa Lined Performance Camo Hunting Pants

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: These are a fantastic pair of hunting pants available in mossy oak, break up country or bottomland, they really warm but not bulky at all, when it's really frigid out you can add base layers for superb warmth. great for hunting in the cold or freezing temperatures.


  • Really quiet when moving
  • Great warmth and pairs well with base layers
  • Great camo


  • Doesn't block scent (add a layer that does)

Mossy Oak Sherpa Lined Performance Camo Hunting Pants Review

If the weather outside is frightful, these should be your go-to pants. Mossy Oak's insulated pants have a soft, micro-fleece outer layer and sherpa fleece lining to keep you deadly quiet when moving and warm without adding much bulk, they are also darn tough.

With 390 grams of performance fleece insulation, these pants are quite warm. Save them for when the temperature is cold out, or you’ll risk overheating. For anything really cold and below freezing, you can add a light to heavy base layering system to really keep you warm.

These pants also have a lot of pocket space, with two Zippered leg pockets, two front slash pockets and two zippered back pockets for gear storage and access. The pants do run a bit on the heavy side, but nothing that makes them uncomfortable. The best hunting clothing need to be functional and perform well in many conditions and these hunting pants definitely fit the bill.

One other thing to note is that these pants will feel a little baggy, especially compared to something like the TacLite pants. While that’s not a problem for most hunters, be aware of it if you’re making your way through thick brush. The pants shouldn’t get snagged on anything, but you will be feeling a bit larger than usual, this can be a bonus when it’s really frigid so you have room to add some good layers and not feel squashed in.

Best Hunting Hats

There are so many choices for hunting hats these days, no longer are we relegated to the red plaid caps, Elmer Fudd hats, of our grandfathers. Hats are often overlooked as hunting accessories, but if you’re out during the colder months, a hat can be important for preventing heat loss. It may be a myth that we lose half our body heat through our head, but keeping it warm is still important.

Hats are critical during the warmer months as well, when they shade your face from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Finally, hats are also important for camouflage – that is, unless you already have RealTree-patterned highlights in your hair…

--The Best Hunting Hat Reviews--

Under Armour Men’s Reversible Camo Beanie

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: Being reversible means you can use both a camo print or the hunter orange when it's required. It does the job of keeping your head warm really well without causing you to sweat to much or block out your hearing. It comes in many camo designs to suit any situation


  • Ultra soft brushed fleece
  • Wicks sweat and drys fast
  • Really thin but still warm


  • Size runs quite big

Under Armour Men's Reversible Camo Beanie Review

If you’re going to be hunting in cold weather, a beanie is the way to go. It’s low-profile, tight fit traps heat and can cover your ears to protect them from harsh winds.

Under Armour has been the leader in the synthetic clothing market for years now, making clothes that work great in both the heat and cold. Their reversible camo beanie is 100% polyester and does a great job at wicking sweat away while keeping heat in. The inside of the hat is fleece-lined, which will feel comfortable for all day use.

The biggest problem with this hat is that synthetic clothes can start to develop a permanent stench if you don’t wash them soon after use. Just keep this hat clean and wash it as soon as you get home – otherwise, no amount of camouflage will keep you from being noticed in the woods.

See it in Action

Rothco Boonie Hat

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good

Bottom Line: This is a great hat for use in the beating sun, protecting your face and neck from getting burnt. It comes in 26 different varieties of which 20 are in a camo pattern. This is the style worn by US military personnel and is a perfect hunting hat 


  • Great lightweight materials
  • Brilliant sun protection
  • Awesome variety of camo prints
  • Will keep your head dry in a downpour


  • Not expensive so won't last for years
  • List Element
  • List Element

Rothco Boonie Hat Review

For those unfamiliar with them, a boonie hat might seem like a strange choice, but they’re great for keeping the sun off both your face and neck. In warmer environments, your neck is likely uncovered all day and you don’t want to slather on sunscreen with a scent that can be detected for miles. Boonie has are a great choice for sun-protecting camouflage, and the Rothco even has some fabric loops above the brim where you can put your own, natural camouflage (sticks and leaves).

This hat is made of a cotton/polyester blend that is water-resistant and does a great job of protecting you from the rain. It has four vent holes along the top that keep your head from overheating, too.

The Rothco Boonie does not have an elastic headband as most fitted baseball caps do; you’ll need to know your exact hat size down to the 1/8 of an inch. The best way to figure this out is to go to try on a few similar hats at a store. Unlike your pants size, this won’t change over the course of your life, and you can keep buying hats with that measurement.

Best Hunting Socks

Often overlooked but never undervalued by people who know their importance, socks can make or break a hunt. If there’s a lengthy trek to your hunting spot, you’ll definitely want a good pair of socks to take you there.

--The Best Hunting Sock Reviews--

Darn Tough Hunt/Extreme Scent Lok Boot Cushion Sock

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: Made of a fine gauge merino wool these socks are really comfortable and are great at locking in your scent. They live up to their name, 'darn tough', offering incredible durability


  • Amazing durability
  • Extreme comfort
  • Scent Lok works great 
  • Ultra light but still dense


  • I wish they were cheaper! (you pay for top quality!)

Darn Tough Hunt/Extreme Scent Lok Boot Cushion Sock Review

Let’s be honest, not every piece of hunting apparel needs to be camouflage patterned. Even a turkey isn’t going to zero in on your feet. That said, Darn Tough makes some of the finest wool socks, and wool is definitely what you’ll want on your feet during a hunt. This pair comes in forest green, which is a least a little camouflaged.

What sets these apart as hunting socks is their “Scent-Loc” technology. It’s pretty difficult to get any animals when your feet have been giving away your position the whole time. Wool is naturally anti-microbial and thus anti-stench, but Darn Tough has weaved some extra thin fibers into this pair, to go one step further in blocking bacteria growth and preventing odor.

If you need one more reason to go with Darn Tough, these socks are just plain comfortable. Even after hours of trudging through the woods, your feet should remain dry and blister-free due to the sweat-wicking properties of wool.

Under Armour Scent Control Over The Calf Socks 

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Great

Bottom Line: Comprising of Acrylic, Merino Wool, Polyester, Nylon, Silver and Spandex these socks offer great comfort and scent control. They are also tough and very durable to last a long time. Overall they are perfect for hunting! 


  • Great odour protection from sweaty feet
  • Great comfort
  • Ultra tough


  • Quite expensive (but they will last)

Under Armour Scent Control Over The Calf Socks Review

If you’re not a fan of thick wool socks, this pair of synthetic socks from UnderArmour might do the trick. They’re made from a blend of polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex – just like the company’s more famous baselayer pants and tops. While cotton is typically a no-no for outdoor gear, this particular blend of materials is excellent for wicking sweat.

The cushioned foot bed and embedded arch support weaved into the sole of the sock will prevent foot fatigue on long hikes, which your feet will thank you for at the end of the day.

UnderArmour also claims that their proprietary ArmourBlock technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, but experience shows that synthetics just get stinky after awhile, no matter how you use them. Wool socks will be better if you’re concerned about covering your scent, but synthetics dry out faster.

Best Camo Face Paint 

There are a number of misconceptions out there regarding the purpose of camouflage face paint. Vision varies among game animal species: deer have relatively poor visual acuity, while turkeys can see three times as well as humans. However, what almost all animals can sense is when something doesn’t look natural.

The human face, regardless of skin tone, is a solid color – which is pretty unnatural in the pattern-filled environment that animals inhabit. The best camouflage face paint will break up this solid color, whether it’s with just a few lines or some kind of intricate pattern. The objective of the paint is to break up those solid tones.

--The Best Camo Face Paint Reviews--

Arcturus Camo Face Paint Sticks 

Outdoor Veteran Rating: Good

Bottom Line: The pack comprises of 3 sticks for a total of 6 colours, easily matching you to your hunting surroundings. It can be applied directly from the sticks and will last all day.


  • Great colour selection
  • Nice and compact to carry with you
  • Doesn't itch
  • Odour isn't too bad


  • Can be a bit difficult to apply(practice)

Arcturus Camo Face Paint Sticks Review

Arcturus’s Camo Sticks come as a set of three, each containing two different colors for a total of six (Brown/Black, Light Green/Moss, Olive/Forest). It goes on easily, and the stick can be used as an applicator. A lot of other camo paints are applied with your finger, which is much messier and not as easy to use.

This paint wipes off with fairly easily with a little soap and water. This is especially important if you’re stopping somewhere before heading home and don’t want any strange looks or possibly difficult questions (Did you get anything today? No…). Works great wherever you hunt from be it in the brush, a treestand or a ground blind

The Best Camo Gear for You

While there’s a lot to consider when buying your various pieces of camo, the main thing to keep in mind is how functional it is, The best camouflage clothing  is the stuff that keeps you hidden while also keeping you comfortable.

Will this keep me warm, dry, free of thorns, etc.? Will it help me blend in with my surroundings? Will the animals I’m hunting even notice if I’m not wearing camouflage? These are important practical questions to ask yourself; hunting is an expensive sport, and you only want to buy the gear you really need.

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