Barnett TS390 Review – Tactical Series 390fps!

Barnett TS390 Review

I hope you enjoy my review of the Barnett TS390 as much as I enjoyed shooting it!

First Impressions Reviewing The TS390

The Barnett TS390 is an excellent bow for intermediate shooters. It comes from the tactical series that features only two bows, the other being the TS370 that lacks the speed and power of the TS390, but a great bow nonetheless. Fashioned from Barnett’s ingenuity, cut-throat technology and more than five decades of experience, the TS390 is the perfect bow for a beginner who has just broken off from the precincts of being an amateur and wants to move up to the next level. It harnesses a lot of speed and power for this price range, but it’s a long way from the Hyperghost, and is able to take down any big game within a range of up to 60 yards. It is one of the best middle level bows and the only Barnett ranked above it at that price range is the Raptor Pro STR.

Barnett TS390 Top Image

16.75”Power Stroke15”

Length (with stirrup)36.25”
Width (uncocked)20”
Axle to Axle17.667”
Weight8.2 lbs
Speed390fps (380 grain arrow)
Kinetic Energy128 ft. lbs
Draw Weight187 lbs

Barnett TS390

Outdoor Veteran Rating

 9.5/10

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Diving into My Barnett TS390 Review

Let’s Check Out The Awesome Features of This Bow

Sleek Design

The TS390 is really not much different from other Barnett crossbows. It is a compound bow with the usual cables and pulley system. It is a big bow measuring 36.25”L x 20”W and the Axle-to-Axle length is 16.75” uncocked and 12.75” cocked. It is also relatively heavy at 8.2lbs, but it has a compact and ergonomic design that makes handling and maneuvering very easy even in tight spaces or on a treestand. All the touch points – butt stock, pistol grip, foregrip and cheek piece feature gripping pads for comfort and nonslip grip.

One of the highlights of this bow is the adjustable butt stock that is fashioned after the AR15 rifle. The stock length can be adjusted to meet any body size for added comfort and easier handling. The stock further includes digital ruler markings and is sturdy with no play or squeaking. On the front, is the Fiberglass Composite Step-Through Riser that is lightweight, significantly reducing the weight of the TS390. And the fact that the foot stirrup is integrated into the riser assembly makes it compact and easier to maneuver with compared to a bow with a dangling overhead stirrup.

What really stands out about the Barnett TS390 is its Digital Gray Camo color-pattern that is just an eye candy to look at. Even though it does not blend in with the woods, it has the speed to back it up just in case the target spots it and takes off. Another great feature of this bow is the crosswire and cable system. The premium strings are woven together for durability and power and they include color accents that further add to the allure of the bow. The cables also include a Teflon strip that reduces wear and tear caused by friction when the strings slide back and forth during shooting and cocking.

It comes preassembled, but the single bolt system makes it super easy to assemble/disassemble. This crossbow also requires very little maintenance. It comes with a lubricating wax that is applied to the cables, rail and to the string after every ten shots.

Barnett TS390 Side Image

High Performance As Always From Barnett

Beauty is not the only area the TS390 excels at. It is also a great shooter that is among the highly rated middle level crossbows. In fact, the only Barnett at that price range that is above the TS390 is the Raptor Pro STR, after which you move to the big shooters like the Predator. It is very fast at 390fps speed and comes with enough power to deliver an instant kill on any large game. It has 128ft lbs kinetic energy, 187lbs draw weight and 15” power stroke. It utilizes 20” Headhunter arrows that harness more speed and power with better penetration and less wind drift than the typical arrows in the market.

It is also very stable and is conveniently quiet during operation and even when you are cocking back the rope. I would advise you to own this bow or the Raptor Pro, before moving to the higher level models. Chances are you will stick to this bow due to the high level of performance you will enjoy. You will also save a lot of money, since it costs a fraction of the price of a high-end bow. If the speed and power of the TS390 does not make you tick, then you can move to the big shooters. But I guarantee you will love this bow.

TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology

Barnett utilizes this trigger system for all its crossbows that have come into production since 2012. It is one of the best trigger systems in the market and personally, I have not yet experienced a better trigger system. The unique design of TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology has a free-floating roller between the sear and the latch. The result is a zero creep, frictionless 3-pound trigger that is lighter and smooth to touch. The Metal Injection Molded (MIM) trigger has very high tolerance and can withstand extreme force making it very durable. The TriggerTech assembly also includes nock sensors and anti-dry fire triggers that prevent string damage and accidents caused by dry firing.

Rope Cocking Device Included (and needed!)

The Barnett TS390 has one of the highest draw weights at 187lbs, which is very hard to draw with bare hands. The rope cocking device therefore comes in handy, as it reduces the draw weight by half making it super easy to snap the rope even if you have frail hands. It is also compatible with crank cocking device, which is lighter and works well for people with back problems. It is as simple as removing the cheek piece and installing a compatible crank cocking device and you are good to go. You will be required however to purchase an adapter separately.

Sound-Proof Operation (Quiet and Deadly!)

Seeing that the TS390 is very conspicuous in the woods, it is only right that it should be extra quiet not to alert game. Lucky, this bow is very quiet in all its operations – even when you are cocking the device, there are no audible squeaking sounds as is common with many bows. It comes with string dampeners installed on both sides of the string, which reduce string vibrations allowing for soundless shots.

Safety Measures

To avoid serious injuries, the TS390 comes with several safety features. The first safety features are the nock sensors and anti-dry fire trigger in the TriggerTech assembly that prevent dry firing. A spring-loaded safety bar stays in place until the arrow is fully loaded before it can be fired. Another feature is the Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer that self-adjusts to push the arrow downwards further keeping it more secure. It also has finger safety reminders on both sides of the rail that remind you to keep your fingers away from the rail to prevent serious accidents. The pass-through foregrip under the rail serves this purpose perfectly by keeping your hand engaged maintaining stability during operation.

Side-Mount Quiver

The TS390 comes with a quiver conveniently placed on the side for easy and quick drawing. The alignment of the arrows is parallel to the rail, which allows easy maneuverability and also distributes the weight of the arrows throughout the bow. This is very important because you want the frontend of the bow to be as light as possible for stability purposes during operation. In my case, I find it hard to work with a cross-aligned quiver (arrows across the rail) because it increases the breadth of the bow making it harder to maneuver in tight spaces. Luckily, most Barnett quivers are multi-directional and you can choose the alignment that works best for you. The quiver also protects broadheads during storage and transportation.

CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track

One of the highlights of this bow is the shiny and sleek CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track with a gun-metal finish. It is very durable and requires very little maintenance, just the occasional oiling and it will be as good as new. It is also rust-proof and impervious to extreme friction caused by the arrow. The CNC machining ensures the shooting rail is perfectly horizontal ensuring there is no string and rail friction. Also, the smooth surface of the rail allows the arrows to bolt effortlessly without any resistance maintaining the same speed and course to the intended target.

4x32mm Illuminated Scope

A commendable addition is an illuminated scope that works exceptionally well at night and in poor lighting conditions. It offers 4X magnification and has five point programmed, multi-reticle crosshair system that quickly acquires the target. In addition, it is shock-proof and water-resistant to keep you in the hunting game even when it is raining.


The TS390 is also customizable like all the other Barnett bows. At your disposable are three picatinny rails that allow you to add whichever accessories you want to make your hunting experience as efficient as possible. You may add quivers, bipods, optics, lights, vertical fore grips etc. you may even replace the 4x32mm scope if it is not working well for you.

Barnett TS390

Outdoor Veteran Rating

 9.5/10

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  • Delivers great speed of up to 390fps
  • Includes safety measure – anti-dry fire, nock sensors, finger safety reminders
  • Long range shooting of up to 60 yards
  • Zero creep, frictionless 3 pound trigger


  • It’s a bit heavy at 8.2lbs
  • Stock comes out when extended to the end

My Final Thoughts On The Barnett TS390

Honestly, very few crossbows impress me and one of them is the Barnett TS390. It is one of the best crossbows not just at the middle level, but overall. It comes with all the bells and whistles of a top performer and is among the few bows that really does not come with any serious drawbacks that may impact the hunting experience. It is a bit heavy, but not enough to cripple you. It is also not the fastest or the most powerful, but at that price it is one of the best deals you will get. With this bow, you will give most hunters a run for their money. It’s really that good.

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