Honest Barnett Crossbow Reviews – We Look at the Best Models

Honest Barnett Crossbow Reviews – We Look At The Best Models

Barnett Crossbows Have Come A Long Way In Recent Years, I Think They Are Great!

Check Out My Reviews Of The Best Barnett Crossbows Below

In a hurry and just want to find out what the #1 Barnett Crossbow is? After our  thorough testing and research we highly recommend the Barnett Raptor Pro as the best one.

Are Barnett Crossbows Any Good?

If you know anything about crossbows and the top manufacturers, you will know that Barnett Crossbows are one of the best brands around.

They produce some of the best crossbows on the market that shoot fast and accurate but are still affordable. They are lower priced than Ravin Crossbows but still top quality.

Barnett have made different types of crossbows, unlike Excalibur crossbows that only produce recurve bows and we have had the pleasure in being able to fire and review most of them.

On this page we picked out the 5 Barnett crossbows that came out on top of our testing and reviewed them to help you pick the Barnett crossbow most suited to you

In this article we reviewed the following Barnett crossbows as we found them to be the best:

Crossbow RatingReview Link
  • #1 Barnett Predator
  • See The Predator Review
  • #2 Barnett Raptor Pro Str
  • See The Raptor Pro Review
  • #3 Barnett HyperGhost 425
  • See The HyperGhost Review
  • #4 Barnett Whitetail Hunter II
  • See The Whitetail Hunter II Review
  • #5 Barnett TS390
  • See The TS390 Review

    The Top 5 Barnett Crossbows Table

    Quick Facts About Barnett Crossbows

    Barnett Crossbows were established in 1962 by Dave Barnett with the vision to create powerful, efficient crossbows that are made for hunting.

    Continuing their commitment to deliver high quality performance products they have honed their design and engineering skills to produce crossbows that are at the height of technology and among the finest in the world

    This Barnett crossbow review article covers the features you should be considering when looking to buy a crossbow by Barnett

    Now On To Our Barnett Crossbow Reviews 2020

    Our Barnett reviews are honest and objective:

    The Best Overall Barnett Crossbow

    Barnett Predator 430

    Outdoor Veteran Rating


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    A True Beast of A Crossbow

    The Predator 430 is a flagship crossbow of Barnett, designed for expert hunters in the high-end market. Described as “a crossbow on steroids”, it is the fastest and most powerful bow ever created by Barnett. Utilizing Barnett’s latest technology, ingenuity and innovative design, it comes with all the bells and whistles needed for the perfect hunting experience: speed, power, precision, long-range shooting and a number of great features and accessories that keep you on top of your game. The exemplary performance of the Predator rightfully asserts it at the top of the food chain.

    Barnett Predator

    A Crossbow That Competes With The Best Around

    It is slightly larger than the average crossbow, measuring 37.125”L x 20.375”W and weighing 7.8lbs. However, the differences are negligible and do not affect how you handle or maneuver with it in the woods or on a treestand. It is third in line for the title of the fastest crossbows in the market today, falling behind the Scorpyd Aculeus (460fps) and the TenPoint Nitro X (440fps) and is tied with the Ravin R20 (430fps) for the third spot. The high speed however does not indicate that they are better than the Predator. It goes toe-to-toe with all three and is the reason it is highly rated among expert shooters.


    It delivers 430fps speed, 156ft. lbs kinetic energy, 207lbs draw weight and 16.333” power stroke, which are enough to deliver a fatal blow to any large thick skinned game and at a long-range of up to 70 yards. 


    The patent-protected TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology features a zero creep, no friction, 3 pound trigger that is smooth and comfortable to work with. The TriggerTech assembly also includes Nock Sensors and Anti-Dry Fire that prevent injuries related to dry firing and string damage. Other safety features include the Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer that ensure the arrow is fully loaded and finger safety reminders that alert you whenever your fingers are exposed to danger.

    Barnett Predator Side View

    Possibly The Best Barnett Crossbow Around

    Other great features include: a pass-through fore grip that helps in stabilizing the bow during operation and keeping your hands from harm’s way. The four picatinny rails allows you to attach whichever accessories that will enhance your hunting experience, such as quivers, bipods, optics, lights and vertical fore grips. The 1.5-5×32 Premium Illuminated Scope handles your visual needs providing the needed illumination during poor lighting conditions and offering magnification up to 70 yards away. The string dampeners reduce noise during operation, while the side-mount quiver stores your arrows and protects the broadheads during transportation.

    The Barnett Predator is the ultimate crossbow that takes hunting to another level. It is a crossbow made precisely for the big boys. This does not mean however that it cannot be used by a beginner. It is very simple to use and all you need is a bit of practice. If you have ever used a Barnett bow, then you will not have a problem using the Predator as it is fashioned as all the other Barnett crossbows. However, you will be surprised by its speed and power and once you start using it and I guarantee you will never go back to slow and less powerful bows at the beginner and intermediate levels.

    Barnett Predator Top View


    • Delivers great speed of up to 430fps
    • Long range shooting of up to 70 yards
    • Customizable


    • It’s a bit heavy at 7.8lbs
    • Not compatible with crank cocking devices

    >>Check Price on amazon<<

    Best Budget Barnett Crossbow

    Barnett Raptor Pro Str

    Outdoor Veteran Rating


    Check Price


    An Unbelievably Good Crossbow At A Great Price

    Introducing another great crossbow from Barnett, the Raptor Pro STR. A middle level crossbow that goes toe-to-toe with some of the company’s flagship crossbows like the Barnett Predator. High speed, extra muscle, high draw weight, beautiful ergonomic design, a sidearm quiver, string dampeners, anti-dry trigger system and long range shooting precision are some of the great features you will enjoy from this crossbow.

    Barnett Raptor Review Image

    A Crossbow Full Of Great Features

    As it is common with other Barnett crossbows, the Raptor Pro is fully cladded with the Realtree Xtra color/pattern for camouflaging purposes. Measuring just 36.5”L x 20”W and weighing only 6.9lbs., it features a compact design that makes maneuverability a stress-free affair. When it comes to performance, this crossbow performs beyond expectations. At 400FPS, the Raptor Pro is one of the fastest bolt shooters in the market. It is also very powerful delivering 135ft. lbs. Kinetic Energy, 16.25in Power Stroke and 187lbs. Draw Weight.

    The highlight of the Raptor Pro is the patent-protected TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology that includes a free-floating roller between the sear and latch. The technology utilizes a zero-creep, 3 pound trigger system for quick shot selection and anti-dry fire and nock sensors that prevent dry firing and accidents. It comes with rope cocking device and a unique step through riser that doubles as a foot stirrup for quick and easy rope snapping. It also includes string dampeners attached on both sides of the string that absorb vibrations made by the string to allow for a soundless shot.

    Barnett Raptor Side Image

    A Great Budget Friendly Barnett Crossbow With Top Safety Features

    As a safety precaution, it features finger safety reminders on both sides of the rail to remind you to be on the lookout for your precious fingers. The Pass-Through Foregrip below the rail allows for more stability during operation and also helps to keep your hands from harm’s way. The Raptor Pro is also customizable. The CNC Machined Picatinny Rail allows you to add whichever accessories you like from optics, bipods, and lights to even vertical fore-grips.

    The Barnett Raptor Pro gives you the best of both worlds. It comes with the features and performance of high end crossbows, but at a fraction of their price. The only problem that you may encounter is the long 36.5” length, which may be a challenge for you if you are short, especially when cocking the rope. Other than that, this crossbow will give you a considerable advantage over your peers when it comes to game hunting.


    • Relatively cheap
    • Delivers superior speed of up to 400fps
    • Sound-proof operation


    • 36.5” length is quite long
    • 6.9lbs. is quite heavy after some time

    >>Check Price on amazon<<

    Most Powerful Barnett Crossbow

    Barnett HyperGhost 425

    Outdoor Veteran Rating


    Check Price


    An Immense Power House Of A Crossbow

    Described as “the toughest, fastest crossbows in the woods”, the HyperGhost 425 is a flagship crossbow in the newly developed Hyper series by Barnett. If you loved the Barnett Predator, then you will definitely love this “Baby”. The Predator is a bit faster at 430fps speed, however the HyperGhost 425 outshines it in every other category. It is a high-end model, which is enough to tell you that this crossbow delivers exemplary performance. High speed, extra muscle, high draw weight, beautiful ergonomic design, a detachable side-mount quiver, string dampeners, anti-dry trigger system, long range shooting precision – you name it. Whatever you are looking for in a crossbow, you will get it in this baby.

    Barnett HyperGhost Review Image

    A High Performance Crossbow That Lives Up To The ‘Hype’

    Measuring 36.25”L by 20.375”W and weighing 7.7 pounds, the HyperGhost 425 is not much different from the previous Barnett crossbows in terms of size. What really separates it from its predecessors is the high performance that it delivers. It fires up to a speed of 425fps, making it one of the fastest bolt shooters ever made. It is also more powerful compared to the highly rated Predator with 206lbs Draw Weight, 16.333” Power Stroke and 152 ft. lbs. Kinetic Energy. The patent-protected TriggerTech system offers a smoother 3lb zero creep trigger that allows for effortless release, while the Nock Sensors and Anti-Dry Fire prevent dry firing and injuries.

    The highlight of this crossbow is the new HyperFlite arrows specifically designed for the Hyper series models. With a tiny diameter of just 0.204”, 22” length and 0.001” straightness, these HyperFlite arrows guarantee increased accuracy and penetration. The small diameter easily penetrates through tough and thicker skin ensuring an instant kill. The HyperFlite arrows are also reliable and consistent, as they easily maneuver in windy conditions delivering a more accurate shot. For better support and stability, it features the Pass-through foregrip and the Retractable Underarm Counterbalance Support (RUCS).

    hyperghost 425 Side View

    A Crossbow With A Price Tag But Built To Last

    This HyperGhost is also customizable. Although it comes with a variable-speed 1.5-5×32 multi-reticle scope, the three picatinny rails allow you to add any type of accessory that you desire. It features a single bolt assembly, so assembling and disassembling will not be a problem for you, even if you are a beginner. Other great features of this crossbow include: a detachable side-mount quiver, a rope cocking sled that allows easy and fast snapping of the rope, Soft Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track and pre-installed string dampeners that reduce noise allowing for a sound-less shot.

    This crossbow was developed for hunters who love speed, power and precision. It is a high-end crossbow, which will put a dent to your bank account, but the purchase is worth it if you want to assert your dominance in the hunting game. My only problem is that it is only compatible with the small HyperFlite arrows, meaning all your previous arrows will be useless with this crossbow. However, the HyperFlite arrows offer such great performance that you will easily overlook this problem. The HyperGhost 425 is definitely a keeper.


    • Delivers ultra-fast speed of up to 425fps
    • New HyperFlite arrows that deliver increased accuracy and penetration
    • Customizable


    • Relatively expensive
    • Only compatible with the HyperFlite arrows

    >>Check Price on amazon<<

    The Barnett Crossbow For Beginners

    Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

    Outdoor Veteran Rating


    Check Price


    A Great Beginner Friendly Crossbow For Deer Hunting

    The Whitetail Hunter II by Barnett is an entry level crossbow designed for beginners. Despite being a low budget crossbow, it maintains the same ingenuity, design and innovative technology utilized in all Barnett crossbows that we have come to love. Some of the great features of this crossbow include compact and lightweight design, high speed, power, precision and long range shooting. It is also super-easy to use and maintain and will usher you into the hunting game in no time.

    The Whitetail Hunter II is one of the smallest and lightest crossbows in the market, measuring 34.25”L x 18.25”W and weighing only 6.4 lbs. Handling and maneuvering in tight spaces is therefore super easy thanks to its compact and lightweight design. It is fully clad in RealTree Xtra Camo color/pattern that lets it camouflage easily without raising any suspicion. This bow is also a high performer, despite being an entry level crossbow. With 350fps speed, 103 ft. lbs. kinetic energy, 12.5” power stroke and 160lbs. draw weight, it has enough power and speed to deliver an instant humane kill.

    Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Review Image

    Top Tech Makes Up This Crossbow

    Also included in this crossbow is the game-changing TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology that features a free-floating roller between the latch and the sear. The result is a zero creep, no friction, 3 pound trigger that offers both comfort and ease of use. In addition, the TriggerTech assembly also includes nock sensors and anti-dry fire, which prevent dry firing that may either lead to accidents or destruction of the bow string. In addition, it comes with a rope cocking device for easy snapping of the rope and is also compatible with Barnett’s crank cocking device, which further reduces the cocking tension by 17 lbs.

    The Hunter II comes with a series of safety measures to keep you out of harm’s way. The nock sensors and anti-dry fire (ADF) work hand in hand with the Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer to ensure the arrow is fully loaded, before it can be fired. The finger safety reminders installed on either side of the rail alert you whenever your fingers are exposed to danger. The pass-through foregrip serves two purposes: keeping your hands from harm’s way and also helps in stabilizing the bow during operation. Another wonderful feature of this crossbow is that it customizable. Not feeling the 4x32mm multi-reticle scope? No problem, just upgrade it with whichever scope you want. The 7/8” picatinny rail makes it possible to personalize it with various accessories including: quivers, bipods, optics, lights and vertical fore grips.

    Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Top Image

    An Easy To Maintain Crossbow

    The whitetail Hunter II is one of the highly rated beginner crossbows in the market today. Aside from speed and power, there is nothing else that separates this crossbow from flagship models like Barnett Predator or the Raptor Pro STR, because Barnett utilizes the same design and shooting dynamics in all its bows. Considering that it is super cheap, you will be getting more than you pay for. This whitetail is an excellent crossbow, simple to use and maintain and will quickly convert you to a seasoned pro in no time. 


    • Delivers great speed of up to 350fps
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Great Price


    • A little loud
    • Works best within 40 yard range

    >>Check Price on amazon<<

    Best Tactical Barnett Crossbow

    Barnett TS390

    Outdoor Veteran Rating


    Check Price


    A Barnett Crossbow With A Difference

    The Barnett TS390 is a middle level crossbow from the tactical series that features two crossbows, the other being the TS370. It is one of the best Barnett crossbows at that price range, coming second only to the Raptor Pro STR. It comes with all the bells and whistles of Barnett crossbows, such as high speed, extra muscle, sound-proof operation and a beautiful ergonomic design. However, what makes this xbow special is its uniqueness making it the perfect bow for a non-conformist, who wants to stand out from the rest to make a bold statement.

    The Barnett TS390 is one of the largest crossbows measuring 36.25”L x 20”W and weighing 8.2lbs. The size and weight are however manageable and handling it is not much of a problem for a person who knows his way around a crossbow. When it comes to performance, it is one of the best middle level crossbows offering 390fps speed, 128ft lbs kinetic energy, 187 lbs draw weight and 15” power stroke. It is extremely fatal within a middle level range of up to 60 yards and can deliver an instant blow to any large sized game. The only Barnett above it at that price level is the Raptor Pro Str, which slightly edges the TS390 in speed and power.

    Safety First

    The TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology is included in this bow. It features therefore a zero creep, frictionless three pound trigger that is the best in the market. Also included in the TriggerTech assembly are Nock Sensors and Anti-Dry Fire trigger that prevent injuries related to dry firing and string damage. It features other safety measures like the Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer that keeps the arrow firmly secured to prevent dry firing and finger safety reminders that remind you to keep your fingers away from the rail. It comes with three picatinny rails for various accessories that will enhance your hunting experience, such as quivers, bipods, optics, lights and vertical fore grips.

    A Crossbow Version Of The AR15!

    The 4x32mm illuminated scope caters to your visual needs even at night or in low light conditions with an ability to project up to 60 yards. The TS390 also comes with sound dampeners that allow for soundless shots and a side-mount quiver for storage and transportation of arrows. One of the best features of this bow is the adjustable butt stock that is fashioned after the AR15 that allows you to increase or reduce its length for better shouldering. It is also cladded in the unique digital grey camo pattern that just speaks badass.

    The Barnett TS390 is a great bow that is worth every penny. It is one of my personal favorites, as I’m naturally tactful and love standing out. Once you perfect using it, you will see no reason to move to other expensive crossbows. It may not have the speed and power of high-end models, but within the 60 yard range, it is very powerful and can deliver fatal blow to any large sized

    Barnett TS390 Side Image


    • Delivers great speed of up to 390fps
    • Long range shooting of up to 60 yards
    • Zero creep, frictionless 3 pound trigger


    • It’s a bit heavy at 8.2lbs
    • Stock comes out when extended to the end

    >>Check Price on amazon<<

    To Conclude

    Barnett have been in the crossbow manufacturing game for a long time so they have mastered the production of high quality crossbows. Backing all their bows up with a 5 year warranty also shows they have great confidence in them lasting with proper use and maintenance of course.

    Barnett also have patents protecting some components, like their carbon riser technology, this shows they are at the forefront of design and technology and not just copycats reproducing what is already on the market.

    To be honest pretty much any Barnett model you buy you will be pleased with but in my opinion the above crossbows are the best choices for the reasons stated.

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