Ravin R15 Review – A 2020 Review of A Classic Crossbow

Ravin R15 Review The Ravin R15 was a great crossbow in it’s heyday, while Ravin do have better crossbows available now it can still be a good option if you can get it cheap The R15 was unveiled in 2017 and has been causing ripples ever since. Picking up from where the successful R9 left, … Read more

Ravin R20 Review – Another Top Crossbow From Ravin!

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Ravin R26 Review – It’s Compact And Deadly!

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Ravin R29 Review – The Latest Beast From Ravin!

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Ravin Crossbow Reviews – We Tested The Best Models

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Barnett TS390 Review – Tactical Series 390fps!

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Barnett Hyperghost 425 Review

Barnett Hyperghost 425 Review Introducing the Hyperghost 425! Powerful, Sleek, Deadly Check out my review for more First Impressions When Barnett recently launched the new Hyper series models, they described the new models as “the toughest, fastest crossbows in the woods.” The new series utilizes Barnett’s new innovative technology that definitely secures these new crossbows … Read more

Barnett Whitetail Hunter 2 Review

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Barnett Raptor Pro STR Review

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Barnett Predator 430 Review

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