Essential Equipment for a Night Hunt

Essential Equipment for a Night Hunt Planning a night hunt? Check out this post to get an idea of some of the essential equipment you will need Night hunting is slowly becoming more preferred by hunters compared to day-hunting. The night brings with it a thrill that the day can not give.    Just as … Read more

How to Prepare for a Winter Hike?

How to Prepare for a Winter Hike? Being Prepared to go for a Winter Hike is a Must if you Want to Stay Safe! Being prepared to go winter hiking is a must if you want to stay safe! Winter hiking is an extended journey mainly for leisure or sports purposes that people undertake during … Read more

How to Put a Trolling Motor on a Kayak

Kayaking is a popular leisure activity. Many people like practicing this sport in both freshwater and saltwater. Most kayakers practice the sport to keep their bodies strong. Kayaking can be an excellent way to exercise different parts of your body. Whether you use a paddle or foot pedals to power a kayak, you need a … Read more

AR-10 vs. AR-15, What’s The Difference?

Important Fact Before you read on, please be aware that AR does not stand for Assault Rifle, as it is often said. It is simply a short form of ‘Armalite’, the original manufacturer of both the AR-10 and AR-15. Now that you know, please continue reading! Similarities We’ll start with some similarities first. Both assault … Read more

6 Outdoor Sports you Should Try

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Ravin R15 Review – A 2020 Review of A Classic Crossbow

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Ravin R20 Review – Another Top Crossbow From Ravin!

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Ravin R26 Review – It’s Compact And Deadly!

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Ravin R29 Review – The Latest Beast From Ravin!

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Ravin Crossbow Reviews – We Tested The Best Models

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