Top 20 Outdoor Adventure Blogs to Inspire your Next Outdoor Adventure!

From 200 Blogs We Hand Picked the Best and Awarded Them a Spot Among the Best Outdoor Adventure Sites

We shortlisted 200 blogs and asked them to provide some information on their sites and why they think an outdoor lifestyle is great for everyone. Whether you want your next outdoor adventure to involve hikingkayakinghunting, or just some adventure travel you are sure to get some inspiration from these top blogs

We reviewed all the responses and picked the top 20 to feature here on this list.

We want you to discover some great sites to give you lots of inspiration for your next outdoor adventure!


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Gary Arndt

#1 Everything Everywhere

Writer: Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt is an awarding winning blogger and travel photographer who has been traveling around the world since 2007.

His travels have taken him to 190 countries and territories in the Traveler’s Century Club and 120 United Nations countries. He has also visited over 335 UNESCO World Heritage sites and all 50 US states.

His blog Everything Everywhere is widely considered one of the most popular travel blogs in the world. In 2010 Time Magazine named it one of the Top 25 Blogs on the Internet and it earned a Gold Medal in the Travel Blog category in the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) awards.

He is one of the most awarded travel photographers of this decade. He was named the 2014 SATW Travel Photographer of the Year as well as the 2013 and 2015 NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year. He is the only travel photographer to have been named photographer of the year by both organizations. He is also a 3-time Lowell Thomas Award winner in Photo Illustration of Travel and a 2x Northern Lights Award winner in photography.

#2 Wildman Steve Brill

Writer: Steve Brill

Being outdoors improves psychological wellbeing and health. You also get exercise, and if you know what you’re doing, you can collect some delicious, nutritious herbs, greens, nuts, seeds, roots, fruits, berries, seaweeds, and mushrooms.

Naturalist-Author “Wildman” Steve Brill has been leading foraging tours in parks throughout the Greater NY area since 1982, for the public, for schools, libraries, parks departments, day camps, scouting groups, teaching farms, museums, environmental organizations, and more.His Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not-So-Wild) Places (William Morrow Publishers, 1994) is considered a classic on the subject. His innovative Wild Vegan Cookbook (Harvard Common Press, April, 2002) is changing the way people think of preparing gourmet food. His Shoots and Greens of Early Spring in Northeastern North America (self-published 1986, revised 2008) teaches people how the foraging season begins. His Foraging With the “Wildman” DVD shows people how it’s all done, and his Wild Edibles Forage app includes everything he knows about edible wild plants.But he’s still best known for having been handcuffed and arrested by undercover park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park!

#3 Underwater Times

Writer: Jeff Dudas

I can’t think of anything better when embracing an outdoor lifestyle than getting involved, and keep up with what’s going on in the world’s waters is dedicated to those people who have a passion for the life of the underwater world. As a long-time SCUBA diver and underwater photographer, I not only developed a keen interest in the world’s oceans, ecology, and marine life, but also a healthy appetite for timely news related to those topics. As I discovered, there was a lot of news out there, but nothing that tied it all together. With that, the idea of an underwater news portal,, was born.

#4 Fiona Outdoors

Writer: Fiona Russell

The best thing about our Scottish outdoors environment is that it offers such amazing freedom and accessibility. We should all get outdoors a lot more for better physical and mental well-being.

I am Fiona Russell, better known as Fiona Outdoors. I am an outdoors and adventure journalist and blogger living in Scotland. I feel very lucky to be able to combine my love of sports such as hiking, trail running, cycling and skiing with my work. I have an endless enjoyment of outdoors adventures and landscapes and very much enjoy writing about other people’s endeavours in the outdoors.

#5 Luxe Adventure Traveler

Writers: Jennifer and Tim

Jennifer and Tim believe that getting outdoors restores you. They say it’s the best way to escape the stresses of daily life and just enjoy the world we live in, even if for a brief moment.

Luxe Adventure Traveler: A Luxury Travel Blog With a Side of Adventure

Or is it an adventure travel blog with a bit of luxury? Professional new media travel writers and photographers Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis get outdoors by day and get pampered at night. Join them as they trek in Nepal, explore Iceland by kayak and hang out in a luxury baobab tree house in Africa.

#6 Travelling Ted

Writer: Ted Nelson

Outdoor adventure is important because it is necessary to unplug from this hectic world and recharge our batteries. There is nothing like a vigorous hike, ski, or paddle in the outdoors followed up with a sunset, campfire, and then sleeping in a tent. It is good for the soul.

My name is Ted Nelson, and I am an outdoor travel adventure enthusiast who blogs under Traveling Ted. I am based out of Chicago. My main three activities of choice are cross-country skiing, hiking, and canoeing. Since I live in Chicago, I do a lot of my outdoor recreation in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan; however, I routinely travel to places like Florida, Colorado, Maine, and Tennessee. I also travel internationally with trips like Costa Rica and Guyana in the past and Nicaragua in my future.

#7 An Adventurous World 

Writer: Macca Sherifi

For me, travelling the world and living an outdoor lifestyle just makes me so happy. It doesn’t matter if I’m climbing up an active volcano or diving on some of the most beautiful reefs around the world, being outside and being active completes me.

Macca Sherifi is an award-winning travel blogger at An Adventurous World looking at capturing the world one place at a time. So far his sense of adventure has seen him swim with icebergs in Greenland, dive the cenotes in Mexico and jump off one of the world’s tallest bridges in Bosnia. Beware: if there’s something high, he will want to jump off it.

#8 The Bushwalking Blog

Writer: Neil Fahey

Any outdoor adventure is a good adventure!

Neil Fahey is an explorer and adventurer who never feels as much like himself as he does when he’s in nature. That’s why he started The Bushwalking Blog, helping travel and outdoor enthusiasts find their perfect adventure, as well as the gear and knowledge they need to undertake it. With his wife and two step-kids, he mostly explores the world on foot

#9 Uncover Colorado

Writer: Matt Thomas

It’s important to be active every day, for your physical, mental and social well being. And what better place to be active than nature. Life is not a spectator sport and being outdoors in Colorado is one of the best ways to experience it.

Uncover Colorado inspires the explorer in everyone to get outside and see the world. We share things to do in colorful Colorado, showcasing activities, events and towns. Every day we feature an original article on our epic travel blog.

#10 Xpat Matt

Writer: Matt Gibson

Spending time outdoors is not a lifestyle choice for me. It’s a necessity for my sanity. Having been raised in a small mountain town where there was nothing else to do except explore the wilderness, to me spending time in nature feels like my only real natural state. It’s the place that I feel I belong. Being in nature makes me feel right. And, as our society becomes more and more tangled up in it’s own complicated problems, nature is also often the only place where the world feels right as well. 

XpatMatt is the adventure blog of longtime travel writer and photographer Matt Gibson. With a strong focus on storytelling and photography, Matt documents his adventures in rich detail. He seeks out not only outdoors adventures, but also remote and rare cultural cultures, and is constantly seeking new, untold stories in unusual places. 

#11 Rockies Family Adventures

Writer: Tanya Koob

At the heart of it, my passion is to encourage families to get outside, to explore, and to be active.

My name is Tanya and I am the mom of a spunky 9 year old boy, and wife to an amazing husband and adventure partner. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the doorstep to the fabulous Rocky Mountains.  Our family makes it a priority to get out to the mountains most weekends to go camping, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, or paddling. I am an Active for Life Ambassador encouraging families to raise healthy active children, and I started an outdoor playgroup community in my city that now has over 3000 outdoor loving families connecting with one another.

#12 I Heart Pacific Northwest

Writer: Lisa Holmes

Most of my life was not focused on the outdoors, but has been an obsession for me ever since I discovered how much I benefit from hiking and backpacking. Not only is it good for physical health, but I find that outdoor adventures are the best way to relieve stress and depression. Happy trails!

I Heart Pacific Northwest is designed and written by Lisa Holmes, a graphic designer and hiking book author living in Portland, Oregon. This site started as a chronological history of every hike I’ve done since moving to Oregon from the Midwest in 2007. Over the years, it has evolved to become a resource on hiking and backpacking in Oregon and Washington. I am the author of two hiking books: “I Heart Oregon (& Washington)” and “I Heart Oregon’s Seven Wonders”, and am currently working on my third book: “I Heart Backpacking: How to Get Started”

#13 My Five Acres

Writers: Stephen & Jane

Getting outside into nature is such a powerful way of reconnecting with yourself – for us there’s nothing else like it. Hiking or biking brings us such a great sense of peace and connectedness with the world around us. It’s the perfect form of meditation and always has a way of renewing our enthusiasm for everything we do. 

My Five Acres is a mindful travel blog, where we focus on the kind of journeys that get you out of your comfort zone and change your life. These mindful journeys can be worldwide adventures or deep explorations into your own heart.

#14 Travelsewhere

Writer: David

I think what’s great about being outdoors is that I feel the most at peace when I’m just surrounded by nature, be it by the seaside or a serene forest. Getting away from everything gives you a chance to clear your head and also appreciate how incredibly beautiful the world can be.

David is an avid traveller from Australia who has spent the last three years exploring as much of Europe as he can. He has a passion for trying to find the lesser-seen, quieter pockets of the world, fostering a love of photography along the way. From hiking in the outdoors, to exploring medieval old towns, his travels have taken him to some fascinating places well off the beaten path. Most of all, he enjoys sharing his travels and encouraging people to venture further with theirs, through his travel blog Travelsewhere. You can follow him here and on Facebook.

#15 PureOutside

Writer: Ross Collicutt

Going outside to hike, run, or paddle is life changing and I recommend it to everyone I can. It makes you happier and healthier and doesn’t have to cost anything. 5 minutes or 2 weeks, adventures come in any size and shape. And all the articles on can show you how.

My name is Ross Collicutt and I’ve been running PureOutside for the last 10 years. What started out as a hobby to tinker with, PureOutside has grown into an obsession to document human-powered outdoor adventures and the gear that powers them.

#16 Back o’ Beyond

Writers: Max and Kim Karren

Time spent in the great outdoors will make you happy and healthy, so check out this blog and get ready to head straight to the Back o’ Beyond!

Back o’ Beyond is an outdoor blog that features hiking guides, trip reports, gear reviews, and original photography. All of the blog’s content is created by Max and Kim Karren, a young couple with a passion for the outdoors. They created Back o’ Beyond to help inspire people to go outside and to equip them with the skills, gear, and resources necessary to stay safe and have fun in the wilderness.

#17 Inner Compass Blog

Writer: Sara Beth

I believe living an outdoor lifestyle is the best way for people to recharge their batteries and find balance, which leads to happiness and fulfillment. 

Inner Compass Blog was created to inspire nature-loving weekend wanderer to make the most of their limited free time to explore the world around them through an outdoor lifestyle. Leading by example, creator Sara Beth Davis share stories of her weekend adventures exploring Shenandoah National Park, hiking along the Potomac River, and various outdoor destinations she visits during long weekends. She hopes to inspire other urban and suburban dwellers on how to use nature to find balance in today’s work-first culture. 

#18 Maman on the Trail

Writer: Monica

We strive to live a better life by slowing down, soaking up a ton of Vitamin N(ature), leaving our green spaces better than we found them, and inspiring others to get outside and do the same.

Hey there, I’m Monica, the mama behind the Canadian outdoor family blog “Maman on the Trail”. My blog chronicles the big and small adventures of myself, my husband, our toddler and our dog, on and off the hiking trail. I write about everything from hiking and camping to cloth diapering, babywearing and other eco-friendly lifestyle choices. My blog’s tagline is “Hiking. Camping. Parenting.” but it’s much more than that! As a family, we are passionate about getting outside together. 

#19 The Outdoor Soul

Writer: Bob Klann

Explore the natural world just outside your front door. Take your souloutdoors. It’ll thank you. 

Follow The Outdoor Soul for exciting stories, tips, reviews, informationand viewpoints on hiking, camping, paddling, exploring and other outdooradventures from the mind of a nature-loving father with a great sense ofhumor. Bob Klann is a Michigan man who finds both solace and thrill insharing his outdoor adventures, and advocates the importance of nature fortoday’s youth. Find new and exciting ways to get outside more often.

#20 Hiker Steve

Writer: Steve

I hope to Inspire people to get outdoors, appreciate what it has to offer and have passion for it. Experience how nature can actually heal you just from the smells and sounds. Walking through a forest and hearing the birds, the sound of a creek, or the trees moving in the wind, its a calming effect. Hopefully though my words, photos, and videos, I can inspire others to get outside. Its so much better than TV! 

Living just outside of Vancouver, BC. I’ve always been an outdoors person, from my early years I remember camping lots with my parents. Before I could drive a car I would bike to campsites, I’ve even canoed to campsites. Now as an adult I enjoying sharing my love for the outdoors with my kids and my grand kids.

The Travel Hack

Writer: Monica

An outdoor lifestyle is good for you physically and mentally. It keeps you fit and strong, fills you with endorphins and vitamin D! It’s also great if you have kids because getting outdoors is a free way to keep them entertained and teach them about the world.

The Travel Hack is one of the UK’s leading travel blogs, focusing on providing valuable travel tips, tips for travelling with kids and inspiring others to travel more.

I love weekend travels and stylish adventure travel – I love getting outdoors but staying in luxurious hotels too. We pride ourselves on providing gorgeous travel inspiration combined with first-hand travel advice, unique guides and travel tips that people won’t find elsewhere. 

So there you have it 20 amazing sites to give you inspiration!

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