8 Effective Ways To Cool Yourself Off This Summer

Beat The Heat To Keep Cool This Summer Within Every Budget


Summer is a season that brings with itself loads of positivity. It is the time to hit the beach, sit outside and soak in the warm sun and relax. However, when the temperatures start to soar, this experience can turn very bitter. You will then be looking for options to survive the brutal summer. While sitting indoors with the air conditioner on is one option, you surely can try other clever ways to stay cool during summer.

Shade From Tree


Easy To Install Swimming Pool


If you have any space in your yard, think about getting a pool installed at your property. If you are looking for a more economical option then above ground pools will offer you many advantages. They completely overcome the drawbacks most people have for building an in-ground pool. These pools are set up above the ground and are very affordable as they require almost no prep-work and are very easy to install. They come in different shapes, and styles so they can easily fit into any type of space you have. It is a good option even if you have the most weirdly shaped yard and want to install a pool there. As there will be no need to dig the ground to set up this type of pool, you won’t even have to worry about what’s below the ground.

Portable And Ceiling Fans


If your air conditioner acts up or you just would like to relax in the yard on a sunny day, portable fans will be great stand-ins in such times. Though the fan will not provide the same cool air as the air conditioner, it will still be able to create a nice breeze and wind chill effect. This will cool down the area around you. You can even add a bowl of ice in front of your fan and that will create a refreshing mist of air. If you place your fan across an open window, then there will be a cross breeze that can lower the temperature substantially. You can also run your ceiling fan simultaneously with your air conditioner so that it can circulate the air in the room and reduce the pressure on the unit. You will be able to cut down your energy bills with this trick.

Ice Packs And Cold Showers


One of the easiest ways to always beat the heat is the age-old method of taking a cold shower. It will help to reduce your body’s core temperature. It will also invigorate your skin and enhance blood circulation in the body. Also, make sure that you stock up on a lot of ice. You can invest in a portable ice maker and make ice your best friend during summer. As the sweltering heat rises, drinking loads of chilled beverages will help you to stay hydrated.

Avoid Cooking Indoors

Great Summer Food


During winter, when you cook indoors, the house gets nice and warm. However, in summer, cooking indoors can make your house warmer than it already is. It will create more humidity which will thereby increase the moisture and condensation in the house. Extra moisture is a culprit for bringing in many types of illnesses and allergies. Instead of cooking warm items like soups and stews, you can switch to cooler food like salads and lighter meals like cold meats and sandwiches. Another tip to try is to eat spicy food during a hot day as it makes your skin sweat. When you sweat and the air makes contact with your skin, your body temperature starts to cool down.

Draw The Curtains


A smart way to keep your house cooler and save on energy bills at the same time is to draw the curtains and blinds during the day. When the sunlight streams through the windows, the temperature inside the house will increase. The furniture and the walls and everything inside will absorb the heat and your air conditioning unit will have to work harder than usual to cool down your house. You can also bring down the temperature in your house by spritzing your curtain with water or hanging a wet sheet on the window sill.

Use Lighter Bedding


You will not be able to get a good night’s sleep if you feel hot and sweaty. Most people do not change their bedding during summer which means that you will be staying up all night because you were not comfortable. Use light cotton sheets as they are more breathable and keep a light blanket nearby in case you feel cold at night.

Plant Trees In The Yard


While trees may take a long time to grow, they do provide an excellent way to bring in the natural shade as well as bring beauty to the house yard. You can get a landscaping company to plant trees in your yard as big leafy trees near your house can reduce the temperature inside your house by a few degrees. You can install some awnings over the dow and windows as that is a quick and more economical way to add some shade if you have a lower budget. Awnings are good for providing shelter against rain.

Enhance The Insulation Indoor


Insulation does not only relate to heating and maintaining warmth inside the property. It also helps to prevent cold air from escaping from your house during hot summers. To prevent cold air from seeping out, it is vital to seal drafty windows and door frames. By adding shutters to the window you can add an extra layer of insulation on your window.


The above steps can help you cool down during the hot summer. Spending long hours in really hot conditions can be really bad for your health. Many people suffer from heat-related illnesses during summer. For this reason, it is important that you keep yourself cool and safe when the temperatures soar too high. Stay indoors and keep hydrated. Unless it is an absolute must, you should refrain from going outdoors if the heat is too extreme. Stay indoors and have some good old ice cream to protect yourself from dehydration.


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