7 Tips And Advice Every Kayak Lover Should Know

Kayaking is one of those sports that, once you learn, you can enjoy immensely. It is relatively simple to pick up, and in just a few hours you’ll be paddling happily along the flatwater or seawater. Kayaking is a versatile water sport hobby and a great way to spend time with your loved ones. It is not only fun but also a great workout. If you’re a paddler and you love kayaking, here are some great tips for you:


Kayak Lovers

1. Keep a Good Posture

When you are paddling, sit up straight. You would think that the arms are powering each stroke, but actually, each stroke is depending on your core. If you keep a good posture, your arms will feel little exertion. 


2. Rent If You Can

If you love kayaks, then you must already own one. However, if you are planning on buying another one, then a great way to go about it is to rent one first. If you are thinking about tandem kayaks, you may have the opportunity to get accustomed to them if you rent one first. Get a feel for kayaking on tandem kayaks and then decide! This way you’ll be investing in something you have experienced.

3. River Language 

If you’re a little new to kayaking, then you need to know about the river language. When you’re in the middle of a rushing river, you will not be able to hear what others are saying. So, learn the hand signals and gestures that are used to communicate. Always remember to coordinate these signals with other group members to ensure all of you are on the same page. 

4. Make Sure You Change Your Clothes 

Most of the time, there’s really nowhere convenient to change your clothes at paddling takeouts. A good solution to this would be for you to open the doors of your car (2 of them would be ideal for privacy) and cover the third side with a towel. 

5. Steady The Boat

You need your kayak to be steady when you get on or off. To keep it steady make sure that you position the paddle right behind the cockpit, across the kayak, with one aimed towards the shore. Create an outrigger by grasping the paddle shaft and the cockpit rim, as you get into or out of it.

6. Learn about Sealing your Drybag

 When sealing the drybag, ensure it is water-tight. For this to be done correctly, you need to make sure that none of the items stick out or are too bulky, and also don’t fill it up too much. When you seal, match the flaps and press down to let all the air out. Fold the closure three times so that the drybag is tightly sealed.  


7. Know The Different Styles

You may love paddling for the feeling you get in the open water and the energy you put in each stroke. However, there is more to be discovered about kayaking. There are many different styles like the forward stroke, backward stroke, reverse sweep stroke, draw stroke, and j-stroke.

Kayaking Tips

Kayaking is an amazing sport. However, even if you love kayaking, you might be making mistakes. The most important thing is to plan properly and ask around if you are confused about anything at all. Whether you are a beginner or you have been kayaking for a long time, the tips above will help you become a lot better at paddling away to your happy place.

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