25 Top Outdoor Adventure Blogs you Should be Following

Top Outdoor Adventure Blogs

Adventuring outdoors is one of the great American past times enjoyed by many, from hiking to hunting, kayaking to crossbow shooting there are many activities to be enjoyed. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next outdoor adventure or want to learn from some experts then this list of 25 great outdoor adventure bloggers will fire you up to get outdoors and get more enjoyment from life.

Please Note: The list is a mix of great bloggers whose content I really enjoy reading and I find inspiring, they are not in order of best to worse, they are all great bloggers to be on this list.


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Appalachian Trials

Zach Davis Appalachian Trials

Appalachian Trials is a website devoted to hiking the Appalachian Trail, one of the most iconic trails in America. Appalachian Trials has grown over the years to include tons of knowledge and resources about the trail including gear advice, thru-hiking tips, and stories. If you want to learn about the AT, this is the definitive source.

Brian Green’s Backpacking Blog

Brian Green’s Backpacking Blog

Brian Greene is an experienced backpacker and blogger and maintains an informative website where he offers advice, recipes, packing lists and reviews. I find his information very relevant and when I need insider information, I visit his site.

Adventure Inspired

Katie Levy Adventure Inspired

Adventure Inspired is the blog of Katie Levy, an outdoors enthusiast from Pennsylvania. After a career in competitive swimming, Katie became passionate about the outdoors and backpacking, and this is the blog where she offers her insights and stories of her adventures.

Hiking the Trail

Adam Nutting Hiking the Trail

This site began as a journal about preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail but has grown into a blog filled with inspiring stories about backpacking and hiking as well as reviews and expert tips. Hiking the Trail is a great starting point for planning a hiking adventure.

Don’t Stop Living

Jonny Blair Don’t Stop Living

Don’t Stop Living is a travel lifestyle blog maintained by Jonny Blair. The blog chronicles Jonny’s trips from his native Northern Ireland to locations all over the world. A really inspiring blog for those of us who enjoy traveling.

Section Hiker

Philip Werner Section Hiker

Section Hiker has been maintained by Philip Werner since 2007. The blog is about section hiking the Appalachian Trail, which includes hiking parts of the trail instead of the entire trail at once. To date, the author has hiked 1400 miles and this blog where he writes about what he’s learned.

Bearfoot Theory

Kristen Barefoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is an attractive blog maintained by a photographer and hiker. The blog is intended to help inform newbies about destinations and offer inspiration through photography.

Free Wheeling France

Lyn Free Wheeling France

This blog is devoted to biking in France. It has information about roads and trails to cycle, gear to use, places to stay and organized tours. This is a great website to visit to plan your own Tour De France.

So Many Places

Kim So Many Places

This blog is about a woman who quit her job, sold her possessions and embarked on endless travel. As a career writer, this blog is very well-written and is soon to be turned into a book.

Kevin’s Cycling Blog

Kevin’s Cycling Blog

Kevin’s blog is part bicycling blog photography website. As a photographer, Kevin’s goal on his biking tours is to capture beautiful scenery and map his rides. If you’re looking to be inspired to take a long biking tour, visit this site.

El Pedalero

Gareth-Collingwood El Pedalero

El Pedalero differentiates itself from other cycling blogs by focusing on cycling in Latin America. This focus gives the site an original feel to go along with plenty of articles and ride maps. If you want to explore a new continent on a bike, check out this site first!

2 Cycle 2 Gether

2 Cycle 2 Gether Kai and Sheila

This blog is devoted to simplifying your lifestyle, and one way to do that is to bike. Like other travel blogs, 2 Cycle 2 Gether journals a radical shift in lifestyle to becomes sustainable and live life on the road.

Henk’s Life and Adventure

Henk's Life and Adventure

Henk’s page is a Dutch Language journal of his cycling adventures. Henk rode a bike from Rotterdam to Singapore and spent time writing and chronicling his adventure. A really cool blog journaling a once-in-a-life adventure.

Across and Abroad

Across and Abroad David Webb

Across and Abroad is a blog written by David Webb and holds his stories, photos and videos from travelling around the world. There are some stunningly beautiful photos and very good writing on this site!

Play Outside Guide

Play Outside Guide Karen Ung

This blog is dedicated to helping people find adventure, gear and places to stay when away from home. It’s a good resource to browse for ideas and inspiration for a trip.

Internet Brothers: Meanderthals

Jeff Clark Internet Brothers

This is the hiking blog for Jeff Clark and where he writes about hiking in the Smokies, Rockies and Southwest deserts. He posts very detailed trail reports and lists of hikes by state. If you’re going out west to hike, check this site out!

Through a Hunter’s Eyes

Michael Through a Hunters Eyes

This blog has tons of posts about hunting, fishing and adventuring. The blog really tries to get to the heart of what it means to hunt and how to find adventure while doing so rather than just offering reviews and articles.

Wired to Hunt

Mike Hunt Wired to Hunt

Wired to Hunt asks “Are you a Whitetail addict”? This is an excellent resource devoted to deer hunting. Very attractive and organized, Wired to Hunt has tons of practical information, news and inspiring stories for hunters. Check out the podcast too when you visit the site.

Hiking Finland

Hendrik Morkel Hiking Finland

As one of the most stunningly beautiful countries in the world, Hiking Finland is an awesome site to visit for adventure inspiration. The blog is pretty, well-organized and filled with pictures and stories of hiking Northern Europe.

Lee Likes Bikes

Lee Likes Bikes

Lee Likes Bikes is a popular how-to blog devoted to making you better on a bike. There are articles about skill development, training, parts and a blog were readers can ask questions and get answers. This is a great place to begin as a novice or advance rider!

Socal Hiker

Jeff Hester Socal Hiker

Socal Hiker was created as a blog devoted to the John Muir trail but has since grown to include resources for other California trails and hiking. The original intention was to offer insight into thru-hiking the trail, but has since grown to include articles, reviews and very good trail guides.

The Active Times

The Active Times

The Active Times is an impressive blog covering everything for active individuals. There are articles on nutrition, exercise, gear, and outdoors. Be prepared to lose a lot of time digging into this blog!

The Big Outside

Michael Lanza The Big Outside

The Big Outside was created with the intention of sharing stories, photography and trip-planning. The blog is written by Michael Lanza, an expert hiker and speaker, so the articles have an insiders approach and expert tone.

Just a Colorado Gal

Heather Balogh Just a Colorado Girl

This is the blog of a Colorado born adventurer who decided to leave home and travel across the world. She has done some pretty insane adventuring, including cycling from Boulder to Miami. The blog is filled with stories and photographs from her travels as well as gear and travel insight.

The 25 blogs listed above are perfect companions as you plan your next outdoor or travel adventure. From hiking, biking, hunting and traveling, there are tons of great articles on these sites. Check back to the list regularly and start adding bookmarks as a way to explore all of these great blogs!

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